New Cities of Divine Light are Emerging All Around the World

New Cities of Divine Light are Emerging All Around the World

Many people with sixth sense abilities have had clairvoyant visions of what has been called “cities of light”.

These are based on how some fifth dimensional beings currently live in ethereal crystal based cities infused with light.

There are plans to bring these type of cities to Earth in our reality, and many ethereal cities of light already exist in places like Sedona, AZ. We cannot see them in this reality because they are simply vibrating at a higher frequency.

However our bodies are like radios and as we continue to raise our vibration in resonance with Earth’s vibrational frequency, we will be able to tune into these higher levels of our existence at will, like changing the radio station.

One cannot enter these cities of light without having a vibrational frequency match, which makes them a safe haven from those who still carry dissonant frequencies of vibration within their bodies.

Although humans still have emotion, people who live in these cities operate out of their heart space which keeps them from choosing emotions of fear like anger and jealousy.


How to build these cities of light

Creating the template in the “now” is how communities will manifest into cities of light. Helping our brothers and sisters in need now with love is how we will resonate to the frequency of light.

Barriers will begin to break down with government and miracles will open doors to allow us to have more free will choices of living. When the dollar dies, we will have no choice but to rely on community living if trucks stop delivering food to grocery stores.

Until we are on a fifth dimensional vibrational frequency or higher, when we do things like raise money for others and exchanging items on a basis of what we think it is worth, this it creates a template in human consciousness for other people to tap into. And so on, and so on.

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This is one way we change the world. The future of community living will involve humanitarian practices and technology that will simplify living and allow everyone to do what they enjoy every day.

Do not ever underestimate the power of one small act. Pay attention to the large acts that are setting models for humanity to follow. Build bridges now for humanity to cross; as the saying goes, “Build it and they will come”.


By: Romeo Baron

Photo: From the movie: Midnight Special


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