13 Clear Signs That You Have Reached Spiritual Maturity

spiritual maturity

It is very easy to recognize and determine someone’s level of consciousness and spiritual development, especially, if you know what you should be paying attention to.

If you want to test whether you belong among those who have reached spiritual maturity, it is only enough that you, sincerely and without too much thought, go through the 13 characteristics of spiritually mature people and ask yourself whether your life reflects the below listed traits.

Here we give you 13 clear signs that speak of spiritual maturity:

1. Spiritual maturity means that you have stopped trying to change others and focused only on your own change, growth and improvement.

2. Spiritually mature people accept others the way they are!

3. They understand that, looking from our own perspective, we are all right. We all have our own truth, but it doesn’t mean it has to be everybody else’s truth as well.

4. Spiritually mature individuals know when it’s time to LET GO!

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5. Giving up expectations on all their relationships and giving just for the sake of it, without wanting anything in return, is one of the strongest traits of spiritually advanced people.

6. They understand that everything they do, they do it for their own well-being and peace.

7. They have stopped proving to the world how intelligent and worthy they are!

8. Spiritually mature individuals do not ask for approval and acceptance.

9. They stopped comparing themselves to others!

10. Spiritually mature individuals have found peace within themselves.

11. Spiritual maturity implies the ability to distinguish desires from needs, and know how to get rid of desire.

12. You have stopped associating “happiness” with material possessions, objects and places.

13. Spiritual people don’t talk about how far they have gotten on the path of their spiritual journey. They are usually the most humble of people you will ever meet.

This was originally published by Conscious Reminder.


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