12 Signs That You’re The Victim Of A Psychic Vampire

psychic vampire

Psychic vampires are not something you hear a lot about, but they are quite present in the lives of many. They are people just like you and I but their intentions whether they realize it or not are much more sinister than they should be.

Psychic vampires feed off of our life energy and suck the warmth from our aura. This is what keeps us moving forward and as it grows weaker, so do we. Psychic vampires demand large amounts of our time and leave us feeling as if we have been drug through the gutters. Psychic vampires can be quite tricky as some do not even realize what they are and so dealing with them isn’t always as easy as we would like for it to be.

Below I am going to go over the signs that will make it clear whether you’re dealing with a psychic vampire in your life or not. If these signs are present in your day to day movements, you should begin to isolate the psychic vampire and work to cut ties as best you can. Again, this won’t be easy but it will benefit you greatly for a number of reasons.

12 Signs That You’re Currently The Victim Of A Psychic Vampire:

You notice specific people bringing you down without much reason.

People are constantly trying to bring you down. You are a punching bag and you for whatever reason continue to allow it. This should not ever happen and you know that but yet, you do not change it.

You are irritable without much cause.

You find yourself quite frustrated and irritated without much reason. Even the smallest thing can send you over the edge. You cannot seem to keep your cool.

People often come to you when they need something but are not there when you need them.

When someone needs something you are the person they run to but you never have anyone to turn to when you’re in need. You are always struggling on your own and yet still willing to be there for others. This needs to change.

You are trying hard to be accepted without much reward.

You do so much and try so hard all without reward. You do not fit in with the people you want to fit in with and it shows. You need to realize that you are being used and move on in the right ways.

Even after a full night of rest, you still feel exhausted.

Even when you’ve gotten a lot of sleep you still feel like you need more. You are never where you need to be energetically and you can tell it quite prominently. You need something you are unable to achieve.

Even the smallest tasks take the most out of you.

You feel so drained in your day to day life that even doing small tasks can be exhausting. You don’t know how to function properly anymore. It’s like even when you’re doing all you can, you’re not doing enough.

You are participating in drama.

The more you participate in drama the more energy that these psychic vampires will drain. Being so close to them and giving into their negativity will allow them to latch onto you. Refusing to gossip and distancing yourself is the best thing to do in this situation.

You feel like you have a strange connection with people who do not appreciate you.

As someone who is being attacked by a psychic vampire, you’re going to feel a strange connection with people who do you wrong. You will feel drawn to them and as if they need you. That being said, they don’t need you. You need to get away from them, which is something you need to work on.

You’ve been ignoring or neglecting your own needs.

When you ignore your own needs you provide a better chance for these psychic vampires to come forth. The less you put into yourself the more you will end up putting into them. Sure, being nice and doing things for other people might seem great but if you’re not being appreciated there is a serious problem.

You give away too much of your time.

If you’re being attacked by a psychic vampire then you’re probably giving away too much of your time. You’re most likely doing things for people who do not deserve those things and being kind in ways you shouldn’t. Victims of psychic vampires often struggle with saying no and putting their feet down.

You are on edge quite often and the air around you feels heavy.

When psychic vampires are around you’re going to feel like there is negativity weighing down on you. The air will be thick and you’re not going to be able to act like your normal self. Things will be much more complicated with this person around than they would be otherwise.

You have headaches frequently.

Psychic vampires affect us on an energetic level and that can create tension within our bodies. This tension will many times over manifest in the form of headaches. If you are someone who has problems of this variety often, you might need to look further into things.


This was originally published by Awareness Act.


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