Simple 5-Minute Exercises To Easily Open Each Chakra Individually


Chakras are energetic centers in the body. There are actually 114 of these points on the body, but the majority of the time people work with the main seven. When each chakra is open and functioning properly, it is easier to get in the flow of life and get the best out of each day. Having open chakras means better energy, mood, and ability to enjoy life.


Each of the seven chakras is responsible for a different part of your existence from the root chakra and feeling grounded and belonging to this world to the crown chakra and its connection to the cosmic energy and Spirit. Because each chakra is different, each has to be open for the best, authentic human experience.


Root Chakra (Red)

Root chakra, the first main chakra, is responsible for your ability to feel safe in this world. When it is open you feel grounded, connected to the world and people in it, and secure in knowing that everything will be alright.

When it is closed or unbalanced, it can harbor a lot of fear and anxiety. You may be experiencing a lack of energy and focus in life.

Grow Roots Balancing: The easiest way to balance your root chakra is to ground yourself. If it’s warm, go outside and stand barefoot on the ground or find a tree to sit next to with your back supported by its trunk. If being outside is not an option, stand firm on the floor or sit down next to the wall. Imagine your feet growing roots and going deep inside the Earth, merging, connecting, and energetically feeding from its energy. Allow this Earthly connections to remind you that you are safe. Say it out loud: “I am safe.”



Sacral Chakra (Orange)

Your sacral chakra is the center of passion, joy, and creative energy. It drives you to open up to new experiences and anything life has to offer. When it is balanced you feel alive and enjoy simple pleasures life has to offer. You are ready to receive and give fully.

If this chakra is closed, it blocks off your creative energy flow. You may feel emotionally numb and closed off; you may be afraid to connect with another person intimately.

Authentic Expression: To open up this chakra, you need to remind yourself what it means to be fully alive. Set aside five minutes and go to a safe space where you feel like you can be by yourself and will not be disturbed or distracted. Practice emotional catharsis or purging of intense emotions which lead to freedom. Do anything your body needs—scream, dance, cry, jump up and down or sing your heart out.




Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow)

The solar plexus chakra is your center of personal power. Your willpower and self-esteem start here. If it is balanced , you feel confident, courageous, strong, and healthy.

When it it closed, you can experience negative emotions such as guilt and shame, as well as feeling a lack of worth.

Stop Being The Victim: A lot of self-esteem issues from feeling like a victim in life instead of feeling in control. Instead of focusing on anything going wrong, pay attention to things that are going right and re-frame your perception of “negative” events as everything has a hidden gift for you. To make this new thought system truly stick get a gratitude journal and one a day write everything you are grateful for.





Heart Chakra (Green)

The heart chakra is your ability to love and be loved unconditionally, romantically or platonically.

Sending Love To Yourself And Others: To cultivate more love and compassion in yourself and open up the heart chakra you can do the following exercise. First, close your eyes and imagine someone you love deeply in front of you.
Tell them:

“I wish you to be safe.
I wish you to be loved.
I wish you to be happy.”

Then imagine someone who needs love in front of you. It can be a friend, a relative, or someone you know who is going through a tough time in the in their lives. Tell them the same phrases.

Next imagine someone you are angry at, someone who has hurt you, and tell them the exact same things.

Finally, imagine yourself in front of you, and tell yourself these lines.




Throat Chakra (Blue)

Your ability to self-express and communicate is directly connected with the throat chakra. When the throat chakra is open you are able to express your truth.

A blockage in this center is often linked to past conditioning, childhood traumas, and being controlled by others who told you to “be quiet!”

Practice Radical Honesty: To open up your throat chakra, you need to practice being radically transparent. Chances are there is something you are not telling someone right now. Maybe there is a small thing at home that is bothering you or words from a friend hurt but you didn’t tell them. Perhaps you did not express a need of yours to your partner. Whatever it is, if you do not express it authentically, you set yourself up for a lifetime where speaking your mind gets harder and harder. On the other hand the more you practice open communication, the easier it gets. Ask yourself: “Is there something I left unsaid? Is it necessary for me to say? Can I express it kindly?” If you can honestly answer yes to all three, then proceed.




Third Eye Chakra (Indigo)

Intuition, insight, and spiritual messages from your Higher Self come from your third eye. Your third eye’s health and abilities are relate to the strength and openness of your third eye chakra.

When it is closed, you may feel unfocused, emotionally unstable, and gone in a dreamland, easily forgetting real life.

Candle Gazing (Trataka): One tool that can help open the third eye chakra and sharpen intuitive abilities is Trataka or candle-gazing meditation. Sit comfortably in a quiet, safe, and dim place. Keep your eyes open and steady and gaze at a flame of a candle in front of you. breathe deeply and focus all your awareness on the flame. This exercise brings more energy to your third eye while also work on your awareness on focus. After a few minutes of candle gazing close your eyes for a minute to adjust your eyes and prepare for the rest of your day.





Crown Chakra (Violet)

The last of the main seven chakras is the crown chakra. It is your direct connection with the rest of existence and Divine energy. When balanced, you will feel spiritually in-tune and trust the universe.

When the crown chakra is closed, you may either develop a big “god complex” ego or feel lost, unable to hold any spiritual beliefs.

Realize Who You Are: You are not your body, your thoughts, your emotions, or your circumstances. Becoming self-aware of this fact brings you closer to enlightenment. To stimulate your crown chakra, remind yourself of who you truly are by separating yourself from who you are not. Ask yourself: “am I this feeling I am experiencing? Am I my thoughts? Am I what I physically feel right now? Am I my circumstances?” It can be scary to first ask yourself these questions, but the more you do, the closer you get to the divinity in you and the rest of existence.




Source : spiritsciencecentral


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