The 12 Universal Laws You Need to Know to Master Manifestation

The Law of Attraction is based upon a philosophy that “like vibrations attracts like vibrations.“ Made well-known by the book and movie “The Secret” many people have been able to achieve their dreams and abundance faster by using this law.

If you can believe something to be true, it can become true or at least brings whatever you want faster—while you are still doing the work! But did you know that the law of attraction is not the only law? In fact, there are a total of 12 universal laws and using each can greatly benefit your life and explain to you how manifestation works, and what circumstances it does not work.



Law #1: The Law of Divine Oneness

Laws OnenessThe Law of Divine Oneness is the very first universal law and the most important one to understand. It explains that everything is connected to everything else, and in the big picture, the whole Universe in one.

Each human is connected to another human making the global community. People are connected with Mother Nature and the animal kingdom. The Earth itself is connected to every planet and inhabitant on it that has ever been and ever will be.

When you recognize that all is one, you start to see life differently and treat every person and every experience more lovingly. The law also reminds you that your every word, action, and belief affects everyone and everything else, so be very intentional with all aspects of your life.



Law #2: The Law of Vibration

Everything in this world and the Universe has its own vibration. Each living thing, object, situation, sound, thought and feeling vibrates differently. Every frequency can affect your own.

This law reminds you to live a life where you choose to surround yourself with people and experiences that are high vibrational to keep growing vibrationally.



Law #3: The Law of (Inspired) Action

Laws Inspired ActionIn order to manifest things on this Earth, you must participate. This is the biggest reasons why some Law of Attraction followers do not succeed.

If you believe but do not act on it, it will probably not happen. Your actions must match your desires, and your commitment level should too. Every day you must take steps that bring you closer to your goals.



Law #4: The Law of Correspondence

This law is interconnected with the law of divine oneness. This law reminds you that your actions here on Earth ripple into other dimensions, other lifetimes, and all parts of the Universe.

Think about it as a spiral. Everything is a pattern that repeats itself on all levels of existence, not just here on the three-dimensional Earth.



Law #5: The Law of Cause and Effect

This law is very straightforward, and the one that is the easiest to see in action on Earth. Everything you do has a reaction or a consequence—no matter how small.

On a spiritual level, every thought is also a cause that has an effect. Be mindful of your thoughts, actions, and what you choose to surround yourself with.



Law #6: The Law of Compensation

The Law of Compensation says that you receive what you put out—this again includes your thoughts. If a person spent a lifetime doing good deeds by they were doing it while having negative thoughts and not out of the goodness of their hearts, they may be unpleasantly surprised that they will not be rewarded.

The same thing can happen with lottery winners. Most lottery winners end up ruining their lives with the money received, because they probably did not act in a way that would earn them this abundance.

If you live a life being kind to others, grateful for what you already have, and doing good things because you consciously choose them—you will be compensated.



Laws Attraction

Law #7: The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction, which was discussed above, says that to attract good things you must have full faith in them.

You must feel optimistic, positive and loving. But if you have any fear, negativity, or pessimism, you will attract exactly what you do not want—a cycle many people today are sadly stuck in.



Law #8: The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

This Law explains that everything is always changing, even if it is at a level you cannot see yet.

This is great because that means that no matter what happens now, you can change your life or trigger positive change by your actions, choices, and beliefs.



Law #9: Law of Relativity

Law of Relativity says that everything in life in neutral. It is you who attach meanings and emotions to your own experiences. To another person your challenges may seem whimsical, and someone else may not appreciate what they have and you want.

This is because everything is neutral; everything is relative. Keep this in mind if you ever feel like you have it worse than someone else. If you stay grateful and attach more positive meanings to events, life answers accordingly.



Law #10: Law of Balance

The meaning of this law is that creation needs two energies for existence—masculine and feminine, yin and yang. Both energies exist in every person and every living thing and both need to be merged beautifully together for a harmonious self.

Each plays a different and equally important role. Neither can survive without the other. You must look into your life to see if these two energies are balanced in order to live healthy, happy, and authentically.



Law #11: Law of Polarity

Laws PolarityEverything in life has its opposite. There is a day and there is a night, there is hot and cold, there is white and there is black. Everything, therefore, has a silver lining. That bad break up you had taught you something that will positively change your life.

If you got fired, it opened up a door for a better opportunity. This is true for every event in life. On some occasions, it may not be you who will experience the positive side of a “negatively-perceived” event.

Because we are all connected, as the Law of Divine Oneness reminds you, everything comes back full circle to help you in the end.



Law #12: Law of Rhythm

Everything has a rhythm, everything is moving in a cycle. There is the moon circle, the seasons’ change, there is the cycle of life and death, and everything else falls into a similar pattern.

Just like the moon you have your own light and shadow cycles. If you are in the shadow one, do not fret, but wait it out, focus on yourself, and wait it out. And when you are in a light cycle, use to its full potential. Each cycle will start and end many times during your life.

Knowing and following these twelve laws allows you to manifest easier, grow spiritually faster, and live a more fulfilling life.

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