The 9 Stages Of Spiritual Ascension

Spiritual Ascension is something a lot of people work towards. While most will not achieve it, everyone who puts forth their efforts knows how challenging it can truly be.

Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening. This basically moves a person into a higher level of consciousness and through that, they are able to truly ascend. This is not something you do overnight and it takes a lot of time to get to where you want to be.

Below I am going to go over the stages of ascension. These are all things we must face before being able to truly achieve ascension. While some people start out on higher levels than others, the end goal is the same. You might not know where you are right now but the more you work within the closer to where you desire to be you will become.



The 9 Stages Of Spiritual Ascension:


Stage 1: Who Am I?

At this stage, you will begin to question yourself. You will wonder who you are and where you need to go. This is the beginning of something intense whether you see it or not.




Stage 2: Questioning Everything

From stage one, you move onto stage two. Here you will begin questioning everything not just yourself. You will begin breaking free from the status quo and trying to figure out where in this world you need to be heading.

While you will not be feeling the symptoms of ascension just yet, they will be heading your way soon.





Stage 3: The Push and Pull

As you move into this stage you will begin to feel the push and pull of the energies around you. The status quo will be trying to pull you back in as you try to shove yourself out.

Everything will begin growing in regards to tension and you will be seeking out spiritual guidance in the wrong places.





Stage 4: Falling Apart

After you make your way through stage three you will begin falling apart. You will be at your lowest wondering where you went wrong. At this point, the ascension symptoms are beginning to make their way into your life and it is really throwing you through a loop.

This is because the universe is about to reveal something interesting to you. Everything is about to change.





Stage 5: Realization

Once you are at your lowest you can begin to build back up in the right ways. You realize that you were searching in the wrong places and are now on the right path.

You are beginning to see the world for what it really is.





Stage 6: True Understanding

Now that you’re ascension symptoms are kicking in properly, you are feeling tense and nerved out but you are working to keep calm.

At this point, you have begun getting into things like meditation on a deeper level than before and you are finally starting to get the answers that you’ve been longing for.





Stage 7: Servicing Others

Now that you have found yourself and are going down the path this universe has laid out for you, servicing others will really become a calling in more ways than you might have thought.

You want to help people and see all the bad in this world and where change needs to happen. This is the point where a lot of people end up stuck. They forget that while there is bad in the universe there is also good.





Stage 8: Trusting Yourself and The Universe

If you overcome stage seven you are finally able to truly trust yourself and are on your way to trusting the universe.

Once you achieve this it will be as if a weight has lifted off of your shoulders. Everything will begin to melt away in regards to stress.






Stage 9: Complete Oneness

When you reach your goal you will also realize that we are never done learning and we can always grow. You will truly feel the sense of oneness with the universe that everyone talks so highly of.

You will understand things most people would never be able to comprehend.



Source : awarenessact


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