The Four Ingredients to a Healthy Consciousness

Over the course of our experience making Spirit Science, we’ve received a great number of questions encompassing all manners of spirituality. “How can I overcome challenges, become more spiritual, evolve my consciousness, remove negativity from my life, learn to help others, embody my higher self, be more loving, heal emotional trauma…” the list is never-ending, but the common thread among all of these questions has to do with the concept of becoming more.

Behind the scenes at Spirit Science, we are constantly exploring and experimenting with various healing modalities, striving for balance so that we can find what works for us in creating happy and healthy lives.

What we’ve found from our personal experiences is that there is no singular answer with a system of multiple practices or ingredients working together we can create a balanced and happy life. We also notice that the more effort we put into each of our practices, the better our results; likewise when we stop practicing these daily, we feel and experience the effects.

It’s important to remember how critical it is that once we decide to see a practice through, to fully commit to it. We can relate this to all of the practices below, but let’s use food for this example since we’ve been talking about it in some of our recent videos.

If you only eat food that is unhealthy for you, but then eat a wholesome raw meal one time, you’re not going to see tremendous results from this. However, if you compound this experience over time and ate raw food every day for two weeks, by the end of the experience you would feel more significant results!

As mentioned the quality of your results will be equal to the dedication to your practice, if you eat only one raw meal a day verses all of them will shift the impact of the practice, just like meditating for 10 minutes a day versus a full hour. This is what commitment and devotion really means, and how it appears when put into action.

Without further adieu, here are the four ingredients of a healthy consciousness.




First Ingredient – Daily Meditation

Element – Air

Meditation is a quickly becoming known as one of the pillars of health in the world. It is a helpful and uplifting tool for calming the mind, getting centered, working through struggles and finding inner peace. In addition to this, meditation has now been demonstrated to have a tremendous impact on the world around us, which we discuss further in our meditation article here.

With this said, questions like “What kind of meditation should we do? And for how long?” are often the first hurdles that any young eclectic finds themselves needing to jump over when they are getting started meditating. Here is what we have found:

Firstly, there are three main types of meditations that you can do. The first is is “Free Flow Meditations”, then there are “Sequence Meditations”, and finally “Guided Meditations”.

Free Flow Meditations are an open (or timed) meditation where you allow yourself the space just to sit calmly, focus on your breath, and observe your thoughts. In this space, you have the freedom and ability to watch as all of your thoughts, emotions, and sensations come in and out of your consciousness. You can observe them without judgement, and simply let them come and go.

Sequence Meditations are a form of meditation where every day, you focus on another aspect of a sequence or geometric blueprint. The practice of chanting mantras using mala beads are a common sequence meditation where you would repeat the mantra a set number of times. Another great example of a sequence meditation is going through the chakra system.

This could be a seven day long sequence, where every day you would meditate upon the aspects of each chakra as you work your way up or down the sequence. For example, day one could be the Root where you can meditate upon overcoming your fears finding your faith and getting grounded, day two would be the Sacral where you could meditate on your emotions, relationships and expressions in the outer world, and so on.

It’s advised that you allow yourself some structure here, and set a timer, whether it’s for 10, 20, or 30 minutes long – whatever you’re comfortable with. The more you do it, the easier it becomes for you to go longer. We have also written articles about other sequence meditations, such as The 21 Masks of the Ego, and Meditating on the Qabalah.

Guided Meditations are usually meditations that you listen to on an audio track, or even with someone else who is guiding you. These come in all manner of styles, including guided meditations with Binaural Beats such as Hemi-Sync, and can be very beneficial especially when you first get started meditating.



Okay, so meditate daily… but for how long?

In our experiences and at this point in time of writing this article, that we like to aim for a minimum of one hour of meditation per day, but usually aiming for one hour in the morning, and one at night. One hour is a sequential meditation, and the other is free flow.

However, we know that this has come from a history of practicing meditation, and for someone starting out it may be difficult for some to maintain longer meditations, especially with the busy lifestyle of this world. Thus, for those who are just getting started, we recommend trying 20 minutes in the morning and again at night, and adjust that where you are comfortable. For those who are committed, longer durations will be easy to achieve; it just takes the willpower to do so. Remember your focus on your breath is more important than the duration of time you have been meditating for!

By adopting a daily practice of meditation, we begin to strengthen our minds and support the evolution of global consciousness all at the same time.


Second Ingredient – Daily Exercise

Element – Earth

This is the regular practice of using the energy we’ve stored up in our bodies via the food that we’ve eaten, and releasing it in the form of cardio, muscle building, yoga, or anything that really gets your blood flowing! One of the most important aspects of exercise is the releasing of endorphins in our brains which stimulates higher learning and enhanced mental activity. For those who want to learn more about this, we have an article you can check out here.

Exercise can encompass a wide range of possibilities, whether it’s going for a walk with your dog or doing 20 minutes of stretching either when you wake up or in the morning. It all counts!

From our experiences, we recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and to try and find a balance between the different types throughout the week, whether it’s going for a walk, run, or bike ride one day, then lifting some weights or something similar. If there is somewhere that you can go swimming, this is always highly recommended.

Ultimately, a regular practice of exercise will make you happier, healthier, and your whole body of consciousness will thank you for it.



Third Ingredient – Good Food

Element – Water

The third ingredient is the fuel that we put into our bodies. This is a fundamental part of existing here in physical bodies, and one of the greatest blessings and yet most difficult challenges of our world – at least in this modern day and age. One of the biggest reasons for this being the amount of contradictory opinions and this massive variety of food available to us to choose from.

Now, we have been making a series lately about food and health, and so we have embedded the first episode here for you to see if you haven’t already.

The basis of it discusses the nature of the food that we eat, in relationship to longevity, disease, and overall health.

Now, nobody is suggesting that you must immediately change your diet, unless of course you are suggesting that for yourself, in which case we fully support you for your commitment to your path! We still recommend trying to make continual effort and aiming to at least be better than you were yesterday, overtime your progress will compound and you will be able to take greater steps!

The bottom line of this ingredient to a healthy consciousness is that the food that we’re eating should be whole food, it should be clean, and we should be eating it with gratitude for the life-force which it is providing to us in order to sustain our living. If we eat junk food, we will literally feel like the name implies; like garbage.

As a final note, this also includes drinking plenty of water!



Fourth Ingredient – Good Work

Element – Fire

The fourth and final ingredient to a healthy consciousness is good work. This is the basis of “doing what we love, and loving what we do”. By this practice, it ensures that our inner passion in the world is filled and we spend our days directing our energy into activities that lift us up by our work alone. We feel energized by giving in this way, and are excited to do more of it because of how inspiring it is to us.

To really embody this ingredient, we simply have to check and see if our jobs, hobbies, or other activities that we spend our time doing are ones that we genuinely enjoy. If they are, then we are already on the right track. If they are not, then perhaps it’s time that we make a necessary change in order to become more aligned with our spiritual calling.

Of course, for a lot of us we feel held down and gripped by the feeling of “but I have to do this in order to make money”, and yet – that very mentality itself is what keeps us down. We recently wrote an article called “Finding your Passion” which really discusses this idea deeper, for those who want to learn more.


In Conclusion

Ultimately, all of these ingredients are simply tools by which you can use to raise your vibration and become more than you were before. As with all of them, the principle of “what you put in is what you will get out” fully applies. Remembering that it is also the balance of all four of these ingredients working together to make for a truly happy life. For those who try out this new diet, exercise system and meditation practice, seeing them become daily routine, you will absolutely experience positive benefits.

The biggest question here is “what do you want for your life?”. If you want to stay where you are, if you’re happy where you’re at, then there is no need to change, is there? But if you want something more, if you wish to step into something bigger, then we offer these ingredients as something you can use to rise to whatever level you should choose.


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