The Rising of Gaia Consciousness

The-Rising-of-Gaia-Consciousness.jpgWhile we always need to look after and treat planet Earth with respect and love, over the coming years it is going to be even more important to turn our attention and awareness to the state of our home.

From 2018 to 2026, there are cosmic shifts happening that are going to help all of us to awaken to how our actions and thoughts are harming and helping the planet. These cosmic shifts include the planet Uranus moving into the sign of Taurus

Taurus is the sign that rules over planet Earth and Gaia, the goddess of our home in this Univera se.

In ancient Greek mythology, Uranus and Gaia were lovers and it is this reunion and joining of energy that is going to activate an awakening of how we have been treating our home.

Under this energy, we are not going to be able to ignore the warning signs Gaia has been giving us. No more can we pretend that certain practices are not doing long-term damage, the time to see the truth has come.

For years our planet has been abused and overworked, for years the beautiful nature of this planet has been compromised. But this is not about pointing the finger at a single person or organization, instead, it is about owning the fact that we are all responsible, and we all have a part to play.

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We may appear separate but we are all One. And all of our thoughts, vibrations, and actions create the life that we experience on this planet. Together, we are all playing a role in shaping the reality that we live in.

How we think, feel, and act not only affects the reality that we see and experience, but it also reflects the reality for the whole as well. We are all connected and working as a team, and it is up to all of us to change reality through raising our vibration and level of consciousness.

While taking actions to protect the planet is necessary, this goes so much deeper. While we all need to save water, choose sustainable products, recycle, walk or bicycle more and so on, we also need to watch the energetic pollution that emanates from our being.

This energetic pollution comes from our vibration, and how we treat ourselves, others, animals, and plants. When you lead your life with love in the driver’s seat, your vibration helps to heal others and this planet.

But when you allow fear into the driver’s seat and you become driven by your ego, you lower your vibration and consequently lower the vibration of the planet.

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Of course, it is not all as black and white as this, but being mindful of your energy is not just good for you, it is also good for everyone and the planet as a whole.

Over the coming years, there is going to be a rising of consciousness in how we treat our planet and the beings that inhabit it. Things that we have been able to ignore are going to become harder to ignore, and Earth may respond on its own too by showing us just how we are causing damage and chaos.

This is nothing to fear, instead, we need to rise up and start finding the sacredness in Gaia, our Mother Earth.

Every day the ground beneath supports you, every day you are fed and nourished by this Earth, and every day you are provided for. By really honoring this, by really feeling this, we can all return to finding the sacredness again.

Years ago, our ancestors worshipped the Earth and treated it as a living, breathing being. This has been lost and forgotten by many, but now that is changing and now we are being guided to open our minds, and hearts, and listen to what our Mother is telling us.

The best thing you can do moving forward is to be mindful of your energetic vibration as much as possible and take actions that cause the least harm to the planet.

Of course, most of us can’t escape driving a car, buying plastics, and so on, but just simple mindful awareness and changing a few habits can add up to a big difference.

Being grateful for planet Earth, treating it as sacred, spending time in nature, and radiating love from your heart are all ways that we can make a lasting difference and support the rising of a new way of living.


Source: foreverconscious


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