Which Buddha attracts you the most? This is What it Represents for You…



Buddha Nr 1.

Chenrezig (Tib: spyan ras gzigs; སྤྱན་རས་གཟིགས།) or Avalokiteshvara (Skt), is the Buddha of Compassion.

Possibly the most famous and well-loved deity across all schools of Buddhism, Chenrezig manifested in various forms to benefit sentient beings.



Calms the mind

Relieves anxiety

Cultivates compassion, wisdom and confidence

Prevents one from entering the lower realms

Fulfills one’s wish for happiness

Bestows celestial protection

Any sentient being that comes into close contact will be blessed


White in colour, untarnished by faults,
Amitabha Buddha embellishing the crown of your head,
You look upon living beings with overwhelming compassion,
To Chenrezig, I humbly bow down.



Buddha Nr 2.

Vajrapani (Tib: phyag-na rDo-rje; ཕྱག་ན་རྡོ་རྗེ།) is the physical representation of the power of all the Buddhas and is practised in all schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

He represents the energy of the enlightened mind, which is the energy to break through the deluded mind, and his mantra is the essence of this quality.



Gives protection

Clears inner and outer obstacles


The combined power and energy of all the Buddhas,
Supreme holder of the treasure of the Secret Teachings,
Subjugator of all maras and obscurers without exception;
I praise and pay homage to Vajrapani



Buddha Nr 3.


Vajrasattva (Tib: rdo rje sems dpa’; རྡོ་རྗེ་སེམས་དཔའ) is a male meditational deity within the

Tibetan Buddhist tradition who symbolizes the inherent purity of all the Buddhas. Vajrasattva is widely practised to purify one’s negative actions.


Purifies even the heaviest negative karmas

Shortens the duration of our current difficulties

Achieves a better rebirth


The negative karma I have accumulated from beginningless time is as extensive as the ocean. Although I know that each negative action leads to countless aeons of suffering, it seems that I am constantly striving to create nothing but negative actions.

Even though I try to avoid non-virtue and practise positive acts, day and night without respite, negative and ethical downfalls come to me like rainfall. I lack the ability to purify these faults so that no trace of them remains.

With these negative imprints still in my mind, I could suddenly die and find myself falling to an unfortunate rebirth. What can I do?

Please Vajrasattva, with your great compassion, guide me from such misery!



Buddha Nr 4.

Manjushri (Tib: ‘jam dpal dbyangs; འཇམ་དཔལ་དབྱངས།) is the Buddha of Wisdom and revered as the patron of the sciences and arts.

Centuries after people first heard of his holy name, Manjushri remains a deity beloved by Buddhists of all traditions.

Today, his practice has spread throughout Asia and to most parts of the world. Reverence for this wisdom-granting deity is so prevalent that his image is a mainstay in most Mahayana and Vajrayana temples.


Increases intelligence and memory

Gains insight, intuition and wisdom

Improves debate and communication skills

Achieves perfect Enlightenment


Obeisance to my Guru and Protector, Manjushri,
Who holds to his heart a scriptural text
Symbolic of his seeing all things as they are,
Whose intelligence shines forth like the sun,
Unclouded by delusions or traces of ignorance,
Who teaches in sixty ways,
With the loving compassion of a father for his only child,
All creatures caught in the prison of samsara,
Confused in the darkness of their ignorance,
overwhelmed by their suffering.

You, whose dragon-thunder-like proclamation of Dharma
Arouses us from the stupor of our delusions
And frees us from the iron chains of our karma;
Who wields the sword of wisdom hewing down
Suffering wherever its sprouts appear,
Clearing away the darkness of ignorance;
You, whose princely body is adorned with
The one hundred and twelve marks of a Buddha,
Who has completed the stages achieving
The highest perfection of a Bodhisattva,
Who has been pure from the beginning,

I bow down to you, O Manjushri;
With the brilliance of your wisdom, O compassionate one,
Illuminate the darkness enclosing my mind,
Enlighten my intelligence and wisdom,
So that I may gain insight into the Buddha’s words
And the texts that explain them.



Buddha Nr 5.

Shakyamuni (Tib: rgyal ba shAkya thub pa; རྒྱལ་བ་ཤཱཀྱ་ཐུབ་པ།), the founder of Buddhism, is popularly known as the historical Buddha of this aeon and the compassionate one who turned the Wheel of Dharma in this fortunate time.


Removes obstacles and hindrances

Purifies negative karma

Accumulates vast amounts of merit


To the Guru, founder,
Bhagawan, Tathagatha, Arhat,
Perfectly completed Buddha,
Glorious Conqueror Shakyamuni Buddha,
I prostrate, make offerings and go for refuge.
Please grant me your blessings.



Buddha Nr 6.


Namgyalma (Tibetan: rnam rgyal ma; རྣམ་རྒྱལ་མ།), also known as ‘Ushnisha Vijaya‘ in Sanskrit, is one of the three Long Life deities commonly practised within the Gaden Nyengyu tradition.

She is a special emanation of the Supreme Healer Vairocana.

Engaging in Namgyalma’s practice or reciting her mantra can bestow the practitioner with infinite benefits regardless if they are Buddhists or not.



Purifies karmic obstructions

Reverts fixed karma

Increases one’s lifespan

Eliminates various illnesses

Promotes harmony between husband and wife

Provides safety from physical harm

Pacifies calamities

Increases wisdom

Blesses beings in the three lower realms

Attainment of Complete Enlightenment


Glorious Goddess, of autumn-moon-like colour,
With beautiful, peaceful, three-faced, eight-armed form,
Granting supreme life with Gnosis beyond measure!
Victorious lady (Vijaya), homage and praise to you!

Short mantra: OM DROOM SOHA


Buddha Nr 7.

Tara (Tib: rje btsun sgrol ma; རྗེ་བཙུན་སྒྲོལ་མ།) is known by many names, amongst them the “Savioress” and the “Mother of Liberation”.

She is a universal mother who nurtures and protects all sentient beings, making her the most beloved and popular goddess within Tibetan Buddhism.



Increases life energy and good health

Increases one’s creativity

Swift assistance

Recovery from diseases

Success in career and business

Improves finances

Helps childless couples to conceive

Protection from dangerous situations

Quick path to developing wisdom and compassion


I prostrate to the Goddess of destroyer, liberating Lady Tara,
Homage to TARE, saviouress heroine,
With TUTTARE dispelling all fears,
Granting all benefits with TURE,
To her with sound SOHA, I bow.



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