10 Animals As Omens When They Cross Your Path

10-Animals-As-Omens-When-They-Cross-Your-Path.jpg6. Rabbit

rabbit.jpgThese fluffy playful creatures symbolise Springtime itself as they appear after winter in large number.

 Rabbits reproduce themselves easily and rapidly and this is why seeing a rabbit is considered to be an omen of fertility and abundance.

They love to play in the grass, digging and searching for precious food.

Moreover, rabbits are believed to be really lucky as some believe to be fairies or good witches transformed. 

When a Rabbit crosses your path a change of luck is coming (mostly for the good) and the message is that you should trust Heavens.

7. Lizard

Discreet but strong, quiet but fierce, lizards symbolise the Dreamworld.

If a lizard happens to catch your attention is an omen that you have to pay more attention to your night time as dreams can reveal something really great about you.

Try to be more organised. Get a Dream journal and start writing down your dream history. You are about to reveal a great truth.

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Alchemists believed that Lizards are EXTREMELY lucky creatures and the sight of one was a promise that their work is on the Right Path! Therefore, if lizards cross your path then your work is probably blessed by the divine powers.


8. Snake

10-Animals-As-Omens-When-They-Cross-Your-Path-snak.jpgSnakes also have a VERY bad reputation as it was linked with the Devil and his minions. Although rarely snakes can be harbingers of evil magic, this is usually not the case.

Snakes symbolise Mother Earth and nature magic. In fact, Snakes symbolise the Old Religion at some point – some believe that when St. Patrick expelled snakes from Ireland he was actually banishing the Pagans from the island.

But please, the next time someone tells you that snakes are satanic remind them what Jesus said:;”be wise as the snakes”

Seeing a snake is a reminder that we humans hide very powerful forces inside of us as Mother Earth embraces all these powerful natural phenomena.

However, we have to master our passions and direct all this instinctive energy to something really creative. Snakes are symbols of great wisdom and power.


9. Dragonfly

Bright colour, winged miracles who usually appear where water hides nearby.

Dragonflies are directly connected with the Fair Ones also known as the Fairies. The Dragonflies are usually reminders that the spirits of Nature watch down our work and they constantly try be part of it.

Dragonflies can also be spirits of our ancestors who with the help of the fairies are here to help us by giving us the strength and the wisdom we need to proceed with our lives.

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Dragonflies are omens of nature’s blessings and a reminder that life does not end here. We are immortal and we should never give up!


10. Ladybug


LadybugMore like Lady-Luck this wonderful creature is a symbolic synonym of Good Luck.

Whenever they appear something good is going to happen as they symbolise the conquer of Life over Death. Good Luck will conquer Evil Magic and Good wins!

Ladybug whenever appears tries to cheer us up and help us understand that no matter how hurt we feel, this should be a turning point and change our way of living.

Ladybug is the messenger of Joy. Observe how kids (who are far more sensitive to spiritual forces) react when they see a ladybug.

They instantly cheer up and start shouting that they found one! Yes, this is NOT a coincidence. Ladybugs are the spiritual forces of good news and good luck! Cheer up! Good wins!

10 Animals As Omens When They Cross Your Path Infographic


Source: www.magicalrecipesonline.com


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