11 11 Portal On 11 November(11) 2016 – Healing Every Pain With Love

11 11 11 November 2016 The Portal Is Open

The  11 11 Portal this year has a very special astrological aspect involving the Sun in Scorpio, which comes into precise conjunction with Lilith, the Great Rebel, at 19 ° of this intense Water sign.

The Sun is the symbol of the Male, the archetype of the Patriarchate, but also representative of the Christ Consciousness that is developing on Earth. Lilith is a symbol of the Shadow, the Witch, the powerful Feminine that the Patriarchate has always feared and tried for centuries to subjugate by force, annihilation, denial and lies.

This appearance last  occurred November 5, 2007 and before October 28, 1998. To find a sun-Lilith conjunction in Scorpio before 1998 you have to get to 02 November 1945. 53 years of time during which the modern women’s empowerment took shape.


Why is the transit of Lilith in Scorpio particularly important?

Because this sign is already shadow, created by intense unconscious emotions. In its transit Lilith embodies the unconscious and we feel more fragile and at the mercy of ourselves, of our needs, victims of abandonment sensation. When the Sun comes with its warmth to heat this cold, it triggers a profound alchemical transformation process of this hard core of emotional suffering. Where before there was confusion, fear and lack, now will be light, confidence and abundance.

We are witnessing the passing of an era that is showing continuously immense limitations in the reconciliation of the male and female genders. The return of Lilith-Sun conjunction in Scorpio brings us back into this occasion when the Maximum Light marries the Immense Shadow. Inside the largest vacuum shines the Spark of Life. Where there was cold, pain now shines the Light of the possibilities.

All creatures that over the centuries have suffered for defying the Power will find peace because both the hunter and victim cancel each other by being put in the same point of view. The differences are reset in an act of will to accept what is different from us. The Witch and The Inquisitor separated by an unbridgeable hatred are free of each of their masks.

It is a powerful opportunity to make peace with those who once were enemies, in this and in other lives, especially in romantic relationships. Every inflicted pain is healed, every scar infused with love. You can no longer remain in separation, in division. Everything calls for unity, beyond fear, beyond any obstacle. The heart cannot stand the useless resentment of weights and only calls for forgiveness.

These calls are deep wounds put into question by this aspect of conjunction between two opposite poles. The desire to overcome pride and sense of humiliation is the call of the Self that stimulates the individual to achieve a goal so far difficult to focus, a sense of unity that still was not understood by the collective human consciousness. This is an important first step, which could draw up to a 9-year cycle, until 18 November 2025, when the conjunction will repeat.


The 11-11 Portal

It’s obvious that the Sun conjunct Lilith is of a particular importance this year because they coincide with the date 11/11, a significant numerological portal linked with the concept of enlightenment. Bringing light on hatred between the sexes is one of the first steps towards the awakening of conscience, because it allows us to make a major change within us in wanting to get in the interior unity between our conflicting parties.

And if we can reach a peaceful dialogue between our opposites, we settle the idiosyncrasies in some way, even just accepting them, giving them a name and a legitimate place within us, without denying them. And this is indeed a great peace. Which can then be taken out.

No need to create external rivals nor enemies. The war is over. A new consciousness is being born. Let’s protect it with a dense shield of light and openness to possibilities.

By: Stefania Gyan Salila


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