16 Characteristics You Will Notice If You Were Born With A Naturally Higher Frequency

16 Characteristics You Will Notice If You Were Born With A Naturally Higher FrequencyWe all operate on our own frequencies. Some people operate on a higher frequency whereas others are more comfortable on a lower one.

While we can all grow to be more conscious and be more like

‘higher frequency‘ individuals, some people are just naturally already in tune with something more. Not everyone starts out on the same level and some people are able to move forward much more quickly than others. We all do things at our own pace and no one is on the same journey, that is why these differences are present.

If you want to know whether or not you are already moving through life on a higher frequency all you need to do is see if the following things apply to you.

If so, you are definitely operating on a much higher level than most. While this doesn’t mean you are done learning or that you are at your peak it does set you apart from the rest.

16 Things You Will Notice When You’re A Higher Frequency Being:

1. You hear spirits/angels from time to time.

You notice small whispers from time to time. These are reminders and messages all from those who are not necessarily in this dimension. You have been gifted like this for quite some time.

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2. The moods of others directly affect you.

When someone around you is down in the dumps it puts you down in the dumps. The moods and things others are going through really get to you. You just can’t keep them from affecting you.


3. Time passes by a lot faster for you than it does for others.

Some people complain about time going by too slow but to you, it’s always moving way too quickly. You feel like even an hour lasts for just a few minutes. Nothing will slow down for you and it’s always been this way. The days just fly by.


4. You can feel the energies around you.

You can read the energy of a room before you even enter it. It’s like energies are radiating off of things and you can almost see them. You are more energetically inclined than most people.


5. You rarely get sick.

You don’t get sick often because your immune system works quite well. It’s like no matter how many sick people you find yourself around you’re always fine.


6. You are wise beyond your years.

You are much wiser than most others because you are able to tap into something ‘more.’ Even the most unusual situations you can find ways out of.

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7. You are almost always quite happy.

Overall, you are a happy individual, and you never let life get you down. When something bad happens you make the most of it.


8. Meditation comes naturally to you.

You have been meditating since before you even knew what it was. This is your way of releasing stress and energizing your soul. You do it daily.


9. Your intuition is extremely prominent.

You tend to feel things deep in your gut in situations others do not. You can tell when something bad is happening and you always trust your intuition. You are able to feel things some people will never.


10. Others seem to find your presence quite comforting.

People love to be around you because they find your presence quite comforting. This is because of how high your energy is.


11. Your senses are more intense than those of others.

Your senses are more intense than those of the people around you. You can hear, smell, see and well, everything else better. This is because you are more aware.


12. Synchronicities follow you everywhere you go.

You notice repeating numbers and things of the sort often. This is because you are on the path you need to be on. The universe is speaking to you.


13. You crave a home that you do not know.

You crave a place you have never been, a home you do not know. This is more-so the source rather than an actual physical place. You just feel so foreign here on Earth.


14. You are a very self-aware individual.

You are much more self-aware than most people. You know who you are and what you are. You know how you think and you won’t lose yourself for anyone.

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15. You are a very nurturing kind of person.

You are a naturally nurturing individual who is always taking care of other people. You are a gentle person with a kind heart. When it comes to being there for people who need you, you go above and beyond.


16. You know that everything happens for a reason.

You believe strongly that everything happens for a reason. Even the smallest things you resonate with. Nothing in life is random!


Source: awarenessact


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