3 Types of Guardian Spirits. Which One Is Yours?

3 Types of Guardian Spirits. Which One Is Yours?Guardian spirits are part of your Higher Self, that occur to us in a different way- as a feeling, support, warning inner voice or others.

It is believed, that guardian spirits have unlimited forms, they can be in and around us.

Probably each of you has happened to feel for a moment a presence around them, and after a moment it disappear. With the maturity of your soul, the guardian spirits change. You may feel no need of any help, according to Your Soul Age.


Types of Guardian spirits:

With a human form

Many guardian spirits can be with a half human body. Some of them  were considered creatures as mermaids, centaurs, sphinxes, fairies.

There are many deities that appear as guardian spirits such as Ganesha, Anubis, Ra and others.

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Animals / Totems

Animals also are perceived and revered as a Guardian spirits, since ancient times.

Proof of this are the numerous symbolism, painted in caves and found amulets, saved over the centuries. Animals reflect our own inner longings and desires.

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Popular totem animal, use today Indian tribes and other communities, living in a great  isolation from the modern and contemporary world. Read also: 15 Common Animal Messengers and Their Meaning


Beings of Light

Guardian angels are another type of Guardian spirits.

They are called light beings, because they are helping people and “illuminate” the road in the most difficult moments, like grief, sadness, loss, despair, depression and others.

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If a person needs to choose his own spiritual guide, he does it  pretty well. It is the duty of your soul. For example, your look and desire will stop exactly on the picture, that represents your  guardian spirit.

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