3 Types Of People You Need To Find In Life

3 Types Of People You Need To Find In LifeLife is about loving relationships. More specifically, life is about loving relationships that push you into expansion and help you grow.

While all relationships play a role in our understandings of life and the development of our character, some relationships are just more special than others.

There are many different types of relationships you can have in life, but there are a few types that are completely essential to your journey on this planet.


Here are 3 types of people you need to find in life:


1. Your Soul Mate.

Your Soul Mate

Your soul mate is the one who you just click with on every level.  There is never any awkwardness, and it’s literally impossible to feel uncomfortable around them.  Their may be fights and arguments, but they are always resolved in a way that strengthens the relationship.  You could spend 3 years away from that person and reunite with them as if nothing has changed because you resonate at every possible level.

When you meet them, you may feel a strange sense of familiarity as if you had chosen to include them in your life prior to even being born.  This strange sense of familiarity often times comes from the fact that you share past lives with this person, and you both chose to come here to go on a mission together.

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Contrary to what pop-culture may have you believe, your soul mate is not necessary the opposite sex, and they are not even necessarily a life partner.  They may show up in the form of a mother, a brother or sister, or a best friend.  Every person encounters their soul mate at some point in their life. If you haven’t found them yet, expect to in the future.


2. Your Mirror.

Your Mirror

Your mirror is the person who tells you things as they are.  They are straight-up honest with you, and don’t care if they hurt your feelings.  But it is because they don’t care about your feelings that enables them to make such a transformative impact on you.

I’m not talking about a jerk here.  I’m talking about a friend that will tell you when you are backsliding, going out of integrity, or are not behaving in a way that you should be.  It’s often the case they you will serve the same role in their life as they do in their life, and for this reason you guys act as a mirror for one another and reflect back areas you need to work on.

You may argue with them more often than is necessary, but beneath your arguments lies a genuine care for one another that can’t be shaken.  Sometimes, we all need someone to call us out when we fail to hold ourselves accountable.


3. Your Guardian.

Your Guardian

Your guardian is a mentor, a teacher, and a guide.  They provide you with inspiration, encouragement, groundedness, and feedback on your life.  They help coach you through your struggles, naivety, and growth spurts. For some people, their guardian may come in the form of a family member, where for others it may come in the form of a teacher, a coach or a pastor.

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These are three archetypal persons that everyone will benefit from having in their lives.  If you are lucky enough to have them already, fight for them and appreciate them.  If you haven’t encountered them yet, keep working on your own development and they will manifest in your life as they are needed.


Originally featured on: thespiritscience.net


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