33 Symptoms of Cosmic Upgrades Triggered by Solar Eclipse Gateway

33 Symptoms of Cosmic Upgrades Triggered by Solar Eclipse GatewayThe 21st August solar eclipse marks the crest of a tidal wave of higher frequencies washing through us. There have been peaks and troughs as we have been pulled and pushed, up and down and all around the frequency spectrum.

The opening of the Lions Gate portal on 8.8.17, accelerated by the powerful ascended masters energy of 888, brought us and Gaia into alignment, preparing us for a major timeline shift.

We may instinctively look to global politics as a trigger but this shift is a cosmic shift, coming to us from outside our planet’s gravity field. A timeline jump, a gateway to higher dimensions has been opened, our mind body soul systems are responding in ways we cannot fully comprehend.

DNA upgrades, more strands coming online, is triggered by these higher frequencies. We are experiencing many symptoms of this accelerated cosmic recalibration.


1. Ear popping, buzzing and humming causing dizziness,

2. Lucid dreaming – being consciously aware and able to manipulate your dreams

3. Strange sensations over major chakras tingling, aching, clapping or banging, different temperature to the rest of your body

4. Lightness in limbs, hands and feet

5. Sore, itchy, blurry eyes, visual anomalies, orbs, waves crossing your vision

6. Impulse to stretch your body

7. Whole body shaking

8. Difficulty concentrating on everyday tasks, books and television

9. Avoiding large numbers of people,

10. Turning up at the right time for the right people

11. Saying and doing things in response to nudges, voices or gut feelings that turn out well

12. Loss of appetite, craving sweets and stimulants to compensate for loss of energy

13. Heart palpitations that although uncomfortable are not frightening

15. Loosening of the spine, increase in flexibility

16. Increased psychic awareness

17. Some people staring at you, others don’t seem to see you at all

18. Feeling very grounded one day and then completely 5d and beyond the next

19. Using meditation increasingly to rebalance and centre your system, craving and cultivating meditative stillness

20. Deep reflective periods, strange memories, random echoes from the past triggered for release

21. Increased sensitivity to crystals

22. Increased awareness of the behaviour of animals and birds

23. Increased awareness of multi dimensions, entities, ancestors, higher self or guides

24. Curiosity about the big questions about life, political awakening

25. Increased empathy and compassion

26. Increased aversion to some people and places

27. Nausea similar to sea sickness, sudden overwhelming need to lie down and or sleep

28. Waking up between 3am and 5am

29. Seeing number sequences

30. Awareness of synchronicity weaved into the fabric of your life

31. Seeing signposts, symbols and meaning in nature, seeking nature

32. Struggling with everyday conversation, seeking like minded people

33. Loss of interest in ambition, need to simplify, strip back your life,

The universal spectrum of frequencies is vast and multi dimensional. The matrix operates on a narrow space on the lower frequencies of the cosmic spectrum of life.

We are being propelled up the scale. As each tidal wave pushes and pulls us to energetically lighten, recalibrate, unplug and connect to universal love frequency, we experience intense karmic evolution.

This transition is accelerated as it is overdue on planet earth. Many timeline opportunities to raise our vibrations, seek and attain peace, abundance and love on planet earth have been missed. We are behind schedule, if you like.

We may be in a cosmic waiting room of sorts, a space held in time to allow us to integrate upgrades, transform ourselves and our world. No small task?! From ground zero, the front line trenches, life is cranking up week after week.

The weather and seasons are unpredictable, time fluctuates, a month feels like a week and sometimes a day can feel like a month! There is no normal anymore.

As the matrix disintegrates, its agenda of rules and retribution, mind control algorithms and predatory programming breaks down. As we wake up, we become glitches in the matrix.

We no longer mindlessly submit to conditioning, pressure of conformity and fear of reprisal. Stealth mode, adopted by many awakened people, starseed and lightworkers since their birth here, is being shed like a snake sheds its skin. More and more people are coming online, anchoring their light to Gaia’s grid of evolving crystalline light.

Embedding ourselves in higher frequencies to correlate and compliment Gaia’s ascension within the frequency spectrum. The matrix is being decommissioned from all sides, this is quantum evolution. From below as the crystalline heart of Gaia ignites her from her core, from above cosmically and with intervention from our intergalactic allies and from within, by us, as we awaken and break out of the wavelength of the matrix.

There is so much going on many of us feel like rabbits trapped in the headlights. Simultaneously appalled by the state of the world and elated by how beautiful the human experience on Gaia can be.

We are flying up and down the frequency spectrum, pinballs in a cosmic arcade game. Centring ourselves balances us and helps us regain equilibrium. The fusion of our whole self is a profound transition, its bound to be a bit tricky at times. Go inwards for serenity, simplify your life for outer peace.

Hold your space over the coming weeks. Some will choose to check out with the intensity of these waves, this is their path. There will be loss and grief. We are being stripped back to the core of our being.

Earth warriors be here and be the change you want to see in the world. Lightworkers be alive, present and connected to this wondrous world at this momentous time in its evolution.

Be yourself, and if you’re not sure who that is, find out. Meditate even when it makes others uncomfortable. Challenge selfish politics, fascist rhetoric, unkind language, thoughts, beliefs and systems. Do this from your heart. Breathe into the ebb and flow of cosmic surfing. Listen closely to your being, respond to your intuition.

Practise self care, reprogramme yourself with daily mantras, quiet time, healing therapies and mindfulness. Step into the frequencies of gratitude and love as often as you can, consciously raising your frequency through thought, language and behaviour. Be kind to yourself, protect yourself and welcome upgrades friends.

We are cocreating the new earth, we are reintegrating with Gaia, we are in the midst of intense recalibration. Be good to yourselves! Stay on that surfboard (or yoga mat!) brothers and sisters, ride the waves to higher dimensional frequencies, in love and light.

Mantra: I am a warrior of Gaia, I anchor my light to Gaia’s grid, I am one with universal love frequency.

I am grounded, I am safe, I am love.

I share love, I receive love, I am love.



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Source: ascensionenergies.com


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