4 Reasons why You should get a Tarot Reading

4 Reasons why You should get a Tarot Reading

Although I have lived in the same city for my entire adult life, a few years ago I started to notice something new about it that I hadn’t realized before. There are a lot of Tarot readers here! I was walking the same streets that I always walk as I go about my daily business, and I noticed a small sign for a Tarot reader not far from where I work.

In the following days and weeks, I started noticing signs for different Tarot readers all over the city. Although none of them seemed new, I hadn’t noticed them before.

Was this a sign that I should get a Tarot reading? Was the universe bringing these Tarot readers to my attention for a reason?

After a few weeks of indecision, I decided to go for a reading, after all, what harm could it do? Well, after the reading I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me!

Working with the reader I was able to discover a weight that had been bringing me down that I wasn’t clearly aware of. I was also able to develop a positive outlook on this burden and come away with ideas about things that I could do to improve my situation. I felt empowered to take control of the events unfolding in my life. Regular Tarot readings are now part of my self-care routine.

But short of signs from the universe, what are things happening in your life that signal that you could benefit from a Tarot reading?


1. You are suffering from uncertainty about an important decision

If you know that you have an important decision to make, but just don’t seem to be able to make it because you are suffering from some kind of decision making paralysis, this is a good time to get a Tarot reading.

No, a Tarot reader won’t look into the future and tell you which decision you will make! Often, we struggle to make decisions as we cannot clearly formulate what we know the consequences of our decision will be, or because we are letting some fear that we are not consciously acknowledging hold us back. Some great websites you can visit to learn about Tarot and what a tarot reading can tell you are Numerology Sign and The Tarot Lady.

A Tarot reader can help you unpick the decision so that you can more clearly see what the important elements are, and what the potential consequences of your actions may be. For example, perhaps you have been offered a fantastic new job, but it means spending at least a year living away from your family, friends and partner, and you are unable to decide whether to take the job or not.

A Tarot reading can help you identify what exactly it is about this opportunity that is attracting you, and whether it is something that only this job can provide or if it is something that you can find closer to home. It will help you understand the consequences of taking the job. While the initial offer is only for a year, what is actually likely to happen at the end of this period.

A reading may also help you identify if there is some underlying fear that is preventing you from jumping at the opportunity, perhaps a fear that you are not sufficiently qualified for the job and will be ‘discovered’ shortly after arriving.

Gaining clarity on these points will help you better understand the situation that lies before you and the decision to be made.



2. You feel like you are too close to a situation to see it clearly

Similar to suffering from decision paralysis, sometimes we know that we are too close to a situation to see it clearly, and therefore struggle to know how to move forward or improve a situation.

This often occurs in relationships. The way we feel about another person can often blind us to the real cause of problems in our relationships. We can be too willing to forgive or explain the unacceptable behavior of others, and cannot see that the concerns we have about our partner are actually the result of us projecting our own insecurities onto their actions.

A Tarot reading is unlikely to reveal information that we don’t already know, deep down, about our relationship, but it can help us step back and take a less impassioned, more objective view of the situation and identify where the real challenges lie, and therefore where we should be investing our energy to improve the situation.



3. You are starting something new

Starting something new is always exciting, whether it is a new business venture, a new hobby or a new phase in life. We often enjoy the planning process, imagining the future results, and ticking things off on our to-do list and getting a little bit closer to the goals we have set.

This can actually be a great time for a Tarot reading. A reading can both help us spot issues and challenges that we have become blind to in our enthusiasm for the project, and help us identify other opportunities that can help us supercharge our results, which we may not be able to see because we are so focused on our existing plan.

We don’t want to miss a fantastic opportunity when it comes knocking just because it wasn’t on the list.



4. You are seeking empowerment

What the above three reasons all have in common is that they are about empowerment. They are about empowering you to make a decision, take control of a situation or make the most of a new opportunity. Self-empowerment is the philosophy of Tarot. Your reader is not seeking to tell your future, but rather to identify things that you can actively be doing to improve your life.

If you come to your reader and ask them ‘will my new business venture succeed?’, the first thing that they are likely to do is to suggest that you reframe the question. A more useful question would be ‘what can I do to bring success into my life?’

This question takes your reading beyond the confines of a single goal which may evolve over time to look nothing like it does today. It also moves away from a yes/no answer, which leaves you little to do but wait for the outcome, and moves towards finding things that you can actively do to improve your life.

This reinforces that idea that life doesn’t happen to you, you make life happen. Yes, things beyond your control happen in your life, but you decide what those things mean for you in the way that you react to them. This is the philosophy of Tarot, and participating in Tarot readings will help make this your philosophy, empowering you in turn.


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