5 Words That Can Change Your Life Forever

5-Words-That-Can-Change-Your-Life-Forever.jpgSince you’re a follower of mine, I can safely assume that you are familiar with the saying “Change your thoughts, change your life”?

If you are, then GREAT!

If you aren’t, then the GOOD news is you are now 🙂

This saying is the foundation of absolute transformation. However, thoughts alone are not enough if the words we speak are not in congruence with our mental state.

Therefore today, I am introducing you to the concept of, ” change your words, change your life”!

The words we speak can make us or break us! So be extremely careful when you speak.

Only speak words that accelerate your path towards success and not derail it.

Here we’ll explore 5 words that when you have an attitude shift towards them, you’ll start to see miracles happening in your life all the times.

Let’s dive in!


1. Can’t

Self-ConfidenceI felt compelled to start the article with this word as I see the use of this word increasing at an alarmingly high rate.

The minute we say the word “Can’t” we actually are surrendering and relinquishing all control to any given situation.

So the next time you find yourself in a situation where you’re about to blurt out the word ” I Can’t” simply stop yourself and remind yourself that you’re always in control.

Look at the examples below and let me know which makes you feel more empowered:

Using Can’t:

Friend: Hey, wanna go to the gym?
You: I can’t, I am busy!

Using alternative empowering words:

Friend: Hey, wanna go to the gym?
You: I’ll take a rain check, I am working on an important project


Friend: Hey, wanna go to the gym?
You: I am not able to do so NOW, I am working on an important task

Saying I am not able now instead of I Can’t, gives a sense of control about a temporary situation that once over you’ll be available to do whatever you want.


2. Try

try, yoda star wars

Oh the word TRY, people abuse it so much!

In my opinion, there is no trying; there is only doing or not!

As the famous and Iconic Yoda said: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Here’s the key difference between using Try and Do.

When we use the word try, we are actually giving vibration to uncertainty, but when we use to do, instead we are giving vibration to concrete inspired action.

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So the next time your friend ask you what time you’ll make it for lunch, instead of saying “I’ll try to be there at noon” say “I’ll do my best to be there at noon” or even more empowering say “I am aiming for noon.”

The best thing to say is to just say “I’ll be there at noon” which gives you the total control over the situation, not to mention, it shows how considerate you are about your time and your friends!


3. Problem

problem-pixabay.comHere is another word that is always being misused!

Unless you’re doing the math, drop the word problem form vocabulary!

A problem is something that needs solving and not that many of us dream of solving problems.

So instead of problem use the word situation or challenge.

Both the words situation and challenges are more empowering words and will help inspire creativity and creative thinking to find a solution for whatever situation you are in without the negative feeling the word problem instills in you.


4. Should


We “SHOULD” ourselves all the times!

I should’ve done this; I should’ve done that.


Whenever we should ourselves we actually are discrediting ourselves and letting our subconscious mind know that we are totally NOT in control of our lives.

I urge you to stop doing that to yourself.

Instead of should this and should that, use more empowering words that make you feel inspired and in control.

Use want, choose, or could.

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Let me demonstrate,

Friend: Hey Zane, did you finish writing that article?
Zane: Not yet, I really should’ve forced myself just to sit down and write it.

Gosh, just reading the answer give me a heavy feeling in my chest.

Now look at this answer instead:

Friend: Hey Zane, did you finish writing that article?
Zane: Not yet, I choose to do that tomorrow, or not yet, I want to do that tomorrow.

When the answer is with choosing instead of holding, we keep yourself accountable and instill within us a sense or responsibility and discipline.

To change your life, you have to take an active part in your daily actions!


5. But


Last but not least, the word but and this is one BIG BUT! “No pun intended.”

Every time we say something that’s followed by the word but, we actually negate whatever we said.

Let me explain in an example:

Friend: Hey, what did you think of the party last night?
You: It was great, but you could’ve done a better job on the snacks.

So the great party statement you made is immediately dismissed when you followed it by a BUT.

Instead, replace the word BUT with the word AND.

It’ll require some creativity to re-word your sentence but its more positive and less critical.

Check this out:

Friend: Hey, what did you think of the party last night?
You: It was great, and I have a few ideas about snacks for your next party or It was great, and I really enjoyed the snacks that I have a few ideas for you for the next party.

You see how positive and considerate the statement is when we use “and” instead of “but”!

There you go! 5 words that can transform and change your life!

I pay close attention to every word I speak and I do cut myself some slack when I slip.

Afterall, I am only human and so are you!

So till we speak again, live openly, love largely and always, always speak words of encouragement.


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