7 Easy but Powerful Mudras You can Begin Using Today


This mudra is probably the most common and most used mudra. This Mudra is good for increasing concentration, memory, power and knowledge.

If you are searching for insight on a subject in your life, hold this mudra while meditating. It also decreases tension and depression. If done regularly you can decrease your levels of anger, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

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How to use it: Touch your index finger to your thumb and keep the rest of the fingers straight. Keep your palms facing upwards when you feel receptive or face them downwards, resting them on your leg to feel more grounded. Try to use this in the morning for 25 to 40 minutes.



This Mudra helps with patience, discipline, and grounding. It can help improve intuition, alertness and sharpen the senses. Use this mudra when you need extra strength to get through things in our daily life.

How to use it: Touch the thumb and middle finger together. Keep the other fingers straight and relaxed. Practice this mudra for 15 minutes, three times a day to start seeing good results.



This mudra represents energy, health, and balance. It helps to bring positivity into our lives. This Mudra can help to control weight and obesity. It can help cure loss of appetite, shivering, indigestion, and other digestive problems.

How to use it: Touch your thumb and ring finger together and keep the rest of the fingers straight out and relaxed. Practice this for 30 minutes in every morning for good results



This mudra symbolizes communication, openness, and intuition. It helps with clearing your mind and helps you to understand dreams, thoughts or visions from your subconscious. The biggest thing this mudra can help improve is internal and external dialogue.

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How to use it: You touch the tips of your pinky finger to your thumb. Hold out your other three fingers straight but relaxed. Try it out for 30 minutes a day to see results.



This Mudra may seem similar to the Gyan mudra but the pose and the benefits are different. It is good for controlling nervousness, restlessness and calming yourself. It harmonizes the natural energies within the body.

How to use it: Press your bent index finger down with your thumb while keeping your fingers in a straight, relaxed state. Practice this for 45 minutes a day or for 15 minutes 3 times a day.



This mudra represents energy, health, and strength. It is one of the most important mudras because it is able to activate dormant energy in the body. It is good for removing tiredness and giving energy to the entire body.

How to use it: Place the tips of your pinky finger and ring finger to the tip of your thumb and keep the other two fingers straight. You can use this while breathing normally or you can use it when you chant so-hum. Practice it for 30-40 minutes a day to see results.



Dhyana is commonly associated with the Buddha as he is often depicted doing this mudra. This mudra helps to bring you a deeper, more profound concentration.

It will help make you more relaxed and tranquil. Inner peace can be brought to you by doing this mudra. Use this mudra when you have something you need to contemplate deeply or reflect upon.

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How to use it: Sit with your palms facing upwards, put your right hand on top of your left. The right hand represents enlightenment and spirituality while the left hand represents illusion. Touch the tips of your thumbs together.


Source: spiritsciencecentral


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