7 Signs You Are Spiritually Connected With Someone

7-Signs-You-Are-Spiritually-Connected-With-Someone.jpg“Invisible threads are the strongest ties.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche.

We meet a large number of people in our lifetime, each one unique in their own ways. However, there are only few we connect to.

Some are ones we develop a spiritual connection with and these last for eternity. Spiritual connection is one of the strongest bonds one can ever have with someone. How do we identify? Watch out for these 7 signs!


(1) Your instincts work their best:

You just know this person is right for you. There’s no reason for it. You simply know it and there’s no room for any doubt. When you are spiritually connected with someone, your instinct works well the most and you don’t have any logical reason for it.


(2) You feel extremely secured both emotionally and physically:

When you are spiritually connected with someone, their presence calms you. All your anxiety, nervousness, fears go away in their presence. You feel safe when they are around.


(3) You feel liberated around them:

You find a free flow of expressions whenever you are with them. There’s no restlessness in you; nothing holds you back. There’s an immense sense of liberation within you.


(4) You feel you have known them since ages even if you have met recently:

Their presence strikes a chord in you. It occurs to you that you have known them since your birth and it’s quite unbelievable for you that the two of you have met recently.

There’s some sort of familiarity in them which drags you closer to the person you are spiritually connected with.


(5) You trust them blindly:

You don’t even blink an eye before trusting them. You just know that they are the one you should be trusting. If you can’t trust them, you can’t trust anybody else.

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(6) You communicate in silence:

Silence is one of the ways the two of you communicate. When you are with someone you are spiritually connected with, you don’t need to express your joy or anxiety or fear. They simply know it. They understand your moods and reciprocate.


(7) You have deep conversations with them:

Conversations with them are never shallow. You always explore your inner self when you are with them.

When you are spiritually connected with someone, you have deep conversations, each one of which ends in an increase in your knowledge of yourself and the world around.


Source: themindsjournal


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