8 Energetic Techniques That Will Detox Your Emotions And Cleanse Your Soul

While we tend to take care of our physical bodies, far too often we forget how important our emotional well-being is. We are energetic beings and the energies of those around us can influence our own moods and even bring us to a state in which we need cleansing.


When it comes to cleansing your own energies you are doing much more than you’d think. You are promoting positivity and allowing the negative energies to leave your body. Through doing this you will end up feeling better and bringing forth a sense of peace that you otherwise would not be able to achieve.

If the negative energies within you build up or become stagnant you will begin feeling out of place, upset, and unable to really focus. If you need to become more emotionally balanced working in the world of energies is the best place to begin. To learn how to clear negativity take a look at the list below and add some of these things to your life.



8 Tips For Cleansing Your Emotions and Bringing Balance To Your Energetic State:


1. Use your affirmations and mantras daily.

Do not skimp on the positive self-talk. Use your affirmations and mantras to build yourself up as high as you can. When the stress of the energies weighing on you is too much remind yourself that you can make it through anything this world puts before you.




2. Connect with nature as much as possible.

The more you connect with nature, the more positive your aura will end up being. When we are connecting with nature we are raising our vibrational frequency. In doing this, you are banishing negativity and promoting positivity.




3. Acknowledge your current emotional state.

Don’t ignore the negative feelings before you. You are feeling them for a reason and without addressing them you cannot get rid of them. The more you fight them the worse they will become.

Sure, it might be your first instinct to bottle them up but that is not something you should ever do. Trust yourself and while you do not need to give power to these things, you should be aware of them. In doing this you can work to move on from them.




4. Don’t forget your protective stones.

There are tons of protective stones you can use to promote positivity in your life and make you feel better in general. Some of my favorites are black tourmaline, black obsidian, and labrodite.

Take the time to look into the world of stones and invest in some of the ones you’re drawn to. They will make a big difference in your life.




5. Use visual meditation to your advantage.

Visual meditation is basically just using your mind’s eye while meditating. In doing this you can train yourself to release the things that are bothering you and hold onto the ones that you need to.

Imagine a white light surrounding your being coming from within and use it to push out all the negativity.




6. Take cleansing baths.

Take a cleansing bath to relax your body. Through relaxing your body you will also be able to let go of the things stressing you. Add some Epsom salt or sea salt to the mix and surround yourself with your favorite scent.

Cleansing baths are just like any other bath but instead of rushing to get clean, you are paying attention to yourself and letting yourself breathe.




7. Cut the etheric cords that no longer serve you.

If someone is no longer in your life or is holding onto you and using you, cut ties with them and meditate through cutting the etheric cord that binds you to that person. You do not need to let people who wish to do you harm feed off of your energies.

You are your own person and you get to choose who has a hold on you and who does not.



8. Smudge your body and your home.

Choose your favorite smudging tools and smudge your body as well as your home at least a few times each month. The energies in our homes can become stagnant as well and that leaves us trying to live in a space that is dragging us down. You need to be aware of the energies of the places you visit. If you spend most of your time in negative places your personal energy will become negative as well.

Whether you do all of these things or just a couple, you will notice the benefits they have to offer as they present themselves to you. Things are never as they seem. If you’re feeling down there is a reason behind it. Work through the issues you’re facing and come out on the other end, you can do it.



Source : awarenessact


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