8 Things Your Eyes Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health

8 Things Your Eyes Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health

The human body is a pretty amazing thing. When something isn’t quite right, your body has a way of sending you signals to give you a heads up. One of the ways your body lets you know that something is off is through your eyes. Believe it or not, your eyes can act as a window into your health. Here are eight eye conditions, and what they mean in terms of your health.


1. A Persisting Stye

8 Things Your Eyes Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health

Stye’s can be painful and irritating, but they usually disappear in a few days. If you have a stye that hasn’t cleared up after about three months, it could be a sign of a rare cancer known as sebaceous gland carcinoma. The same may be true for a stye that keeps occurring in the same location.


2. Eyebrow Hair Loss

Hair loss happens for a variety of reasons. If the outer part of your eyebrow starts to disappear, there may be a more serious problem. Eyebrow hair loss can be an indicator of thyroid disease.


3. Blurry Vision

8 Things Your Eyes Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health

If you’re a frequent computer user, you may experience burning eyes or blurry vision. If your vision becomes blurry while you’re staring at a computer screen, it’s the result of computer vision syndrome.

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Your eyes become strained due to the lack of contrast on the computer screen, combined with the extra work of focusing on pixels.


4. A Blind Spot

8 Things Your Eyes Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health

A small blind spot in your vision might have a deeper meaning. If you’re experiencing a blind spot with shimmering lights or a wavy line, it may be because of a migraine aura. Blind spots may be accompanied by a headache.


5. Bulging Eyes

Your eyes can definitely play tricks on you. But if you feel a bulging sensation in your eyes, it could be related to your thyroid. The most common cause of protruding eyes is an overactive thyroid gland, known as hyperthyroidism.


6. Whites Of The Eyes Turn Yellow

8 Things Your Eyes Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health

This condition is known as jaundice. It frequently appears in newborns with immature liver function, but it can also appear in adults. If jaundice appears in an adult, it’s a sign of liver, gallbladder or bile duct problems.

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7. Blurred Vision In A Diabetic

People with diabetes are at an increased risk for several different eye problems. The most common is diabetic retinopathy. This condition affects the circulatory system of the eye. It’s the leading cause of blindness in American adults.


8. Double Vision, Dim Vision Or Vision Loss

8 Things Your Eyes Are Trying To Tell You About Your Health

If you experience sudden double vision, dim vision or loss of vision, see a health care professional immediately. These can all be warning signs of a stroke.


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Author:David Wolf


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