9 Things You’re Tired Of Hearing If You’re A Spiritual Person

9 Things You’re Tired Of Hearing If You’re A Spiritual Person

We’ve heard it all. Some people just don’t understand us. But lucky for you, we here know exactly what you’re going through.

That’s why we’ve rounded up our top 9 pet peeves and annoyances so we can sit back and laugh at them.


1. Aren’t crystals just pretty, colourful rocks?

Aren’t crystals just pretty, colourful rocks?

“No. No, they’re not.”

I mean, they are both pretty and colourful, but they’re much more than that. Crystals are wonderful natural formations that offer us guidance, and an abundance of healing properties for the mind, body and spirit, and have been used as such for thousands of years.

I’ll be sure to send you an Ameythst in the post to get you started on a spiritual path of enlightenment.


2. Astrology? Oh yeah, I’m a scorpion and my husband is an aquarium!

“… You mean Scorpio. And Aquarius.”

Or your husband may well be an aquarium, I don’t know that. Be sure to check out our daily horoscopes to give you daily guidance (and so you get the names right!).


3. You’re a psychic? Can you read my mind? Can you hear my thoughts right now?!

“That’s not how it works. At all.”

Psychic, by definition according to Soraya, is “someone who is sensitive to the vibrations around them, seen or unseen.”

The psychic spectrum is very broad and ranges from clairvoyancy, which is the ability to ‘foretell the future through divination’, to mediumship, in which a person can use their sixth sense as the means of being a channel for those who have passed on to the afterlife.


4. Chakra? Like the singer, Chaka Khan? Is she coming back?!

“My third eye chakra weeps for you.”

By not knowing what your chakras are and how to align them, you’re missing out on great sources of energy points that we can harness to feel more enlightened and in touch with our spiritual side.

Start by learning about the 7 main chakras and go from there!


5. Meditation – isn’t that just sitting down crossed legged and being quiet? Sounds kind of boring…

“Well you’ve clearly never had a good meditation session, then!”

Meditation is a great way to help you clear your mind of any clutter or negative thoughts, allowing you to become a happier person both inside and out. As Neil Seligman said, “Mindfulness is an experience for you to discover.

Read: 10 Ways That Meditation Can Change Your Life

What you learn within, will be your personal wisdom. What you find, will be yourself.”


6. Mindful colouring? Ha, colouring is for children!

Therapeutic colouring has been proven to help the mind unwind, relax and find a sense of inner calm. With near enough any and every niche catered to, we’re sure there’s a colouring book out there for any nay-sayer who needs to be proven how good they are for you.

From mandalas to unicorns, your every whim can be catered for. They even make Benedict Cumberbatch colouring bookings!

Recommended: Cromotherapy: Using Colors To Improve Our Lives


7. What’s that funky smell?

Probably incense, or us saging the air. Sage has long been used as a practice to help cleanse the air before performing rituals.

Shamans, witches and everyone in between in the spiritual world can all appreciate the wonders that a good ol’ sage can do.


8. Yoga is just for people who aren’t good enough to do sports

Yoga is a practice that been round for thousands of years, and takes more than a good physique. It works, the mind, body and soul and gives for a total sense of renewal.

With hundreds of varieties to choose from, yoga can be suited to anyone and everyone, and can be done alone or with other people.


9. Metatron? Is that a character from the new Transformers film?

Archangel Metatron is an angel who’s name means “angel of the Prescence.” He works with Mother Mary to help children, as well as Crystal and Indigo Children to help keep their spiritual gifts awakened. Pretty neat, huh?

Now that we think about it, what’s not to say he wouldn’t make a pretty sweet character in the next Michael Bay film? Hmm…


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