Are You an Empath? Cut Through the Emotional Chatter with this Simple Technique.

Empathy 102 – Are You An Empath?

Are you an empath? Simply put, an empath is someone who, either naturally or through training, is in tune with their inherent capacity for embodying empathy—the ability to feel deeply into the emotional body of ourselves and others.

Do you ever find yourself feeling good and then all of the sudden you feel anxiety out of nowhere just before someone around you freaks out or gets agitated in some way causing a scene?

Do you feel frequent mood swings and have difficulty balancing your feelings in crowds? Are you someone who often tries to play the peacemaker between conflicted friends? If any of these seem familiar to you, you may indeed be an empath.

EmpathyFor many, emotions can be overwhelming. A big challenge among empaths is not knowing where the emotions are coming from and thinking they are ours

The Heart’s Anchor Technique from the Empathy 101 article is very useful for consciously centering yourself in a specific emotional resonance.

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This is a great first step in recognizing projected emotions from others and staying centered in our own. The second step, however, is more subtle in nature: learning to sense the source of the feeling.

If you ask yourself, “where is the feeling located?” you will immediately feel something either inside your body somewhere or in a direction away from you.

If it’s inside you, it’s likely yours. However, you may be internalizing someone else’s emotional charge to the point you are perpetuating it even after they’re no longer near you.

If you sense it’s coming from a direction away from you, you’ll likely see who the source is by becoming aware of your environment. If you look around and find the source, you will feel the pressure lessen from the projections as you become aware of them coming from someone else.

It’s really that simple, though gaining precision with your empathic awareness can take time and practice. This is why regularly using the above question as you notice strong feelings arise is a good daily habit to form. The more capable you are with your empathic awareness, the less likely you are to be thrown off by other people’s vibes.

Heart-Prayer-EmpathWhen the strong feeling is located within yourself somewhere, you ask yourself, “am I ready to let it go?” If you feel yourself ease up a bit, you are ready.

If you tighten up, there is still something unresolved you are holding onto. Notice where the feeling of tension you’re not ready to let go of is located. Place your hands on each spot (or, if it’s on your back, the general area you can reach from the front side of your body).

Now do the Heart’s Anchor Technique allowing your hands to send the powerful heart-centered energy into the emotional blockages to clear and repair the areas.

Breathe into this feeling for a few minutes, and you will feel a rapid shift occurring. As you feel the energy shifting say aloud or to yourself, “I let it go because it is best for everyone.” 

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You don’t have to say anything past “I let it go,” but saying the whole thing amplifies the strength and speed of the effects by aligning with unconditional love toward the greatest good of all included.

In short, keep practicing. You will discover through your empathic awareness what is yours, and what is coming from someone else. Empathic awareness, if practiced, can grant you freedom in life, peace in crowds, and access to deep healing, transformations, and insights.


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