August 2016… Mars And Saturn In Conjuction: Our Personal Resurrection

August 2016... MARS AND SATURN In Conjuction: Our Personal Resurrection

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In the sky it is occurring a very important conjunction: Mars, the planet of the determination, courage, strength joins Saturn, planet of concreteness, of wisdom and of the important decisions. Their ballet in the sky affects our whole way of thinking, reacting and feeling. When this conjunction happens, the time mutates: suddenly stops and then accelerates immediately. All that until recently was only present in our minds, in our dreams, now has a chance to materialize in real life, and everything happens from time to time, sometimes like lightning. For this reason, many people are taking important decisions that affect their lives. There are those who leave the job after so many years, who have decided to end a relationship or who, instead, decided to engage in a love story.


Whatever decision we are taking, it will be an event that will radically change your life. One can not choose. This is a transit which, although composed of two planets that represent the human will, in this case the choice is imposed. Like it or not, we will make a decision or others will make it for us, at this time a change is inevitable. The only thing we can do is to accept the period and the events that are occurring. Now it is difficult to see the positive in the choices, because the effects we can only see after some time. But it will be absolutely positive and will allow the full realization. Mars is a very dynamic planet, and Saturn is static; They are completely different, but if they can work together as in this case, combine rationality and reflexivity action. Each action is aware, every gesture is a manifestation of an earlier assessment, every decision is the result of a deep reflection. Before you decide, you want to be sure, be aware that you are following the right direction and the beauty of this transit is that it permits it. With this background, any decision taken in this period can only be the right one.

saturn sixth chakra

Saturn is associated with the sixth chakra, his point of output, and the entry is placed in the front, near the third eye. The sixth chakra is connected to the prophecy, to see “beyond”, to perceive what the eyes can not see, the invisible, the unknown. Saturn applies the Karma, which is why, decisions taken at the present time, concern aspects of our destiny and the easing of the “cross” that we carry

mars third chakraMars is the planet associated with the third chakra, located below the diaphragm. It is the chakra of power, of doing, fulfillment in life, the conquest. Karma and realization, what is happening is, in fact, the transformation of Karma into Dharma. Using religious terms of Christianity, we can associate the karma to the “cross” that everyone carries in this life, while the Dharma is the resurrection, once processed the cross. In summary we are Reviving, we are living our own personal Easter.


This is how this transition will affect your zodiac sign

Aries: have confidence in what you do, you chose to do, broadening the vision and awareness, pushing the limits and boundaries of the rational. You are more than your body and your mind.

Taurus: a radical transformation, a real death and resurrection. Regenerate while abandoning all constraints hidden in the form of privileges, certainties, that prevent a true sharing. Lose to win.

Gemini: see the ” other ‘through different eyes, engage in relationships, get deep in knowledge. Some may decide to terminate a relationship, others may instead decide to build a new relationship.

Cancer: become aware of your own means, and take responsibility for your life, You may decide to change your parameters, beyond your limitations and fears. Do it!

Leo: devote to everything that brings joy, that allows you to express your potential, to manifest yourself. Develop a strong will to create the life you want.

Virgo: the transformation occurs in the emotional sphere, finally listening to their needs, while also learning to ask for help. Take care of thus beginning an endless love story, the one with yourself.

Libra: the communicative aspect, perception are important because they affect the way you feel … but listen too much to other produces uncertainty and, in serious cases, excessive self-criticism and judgment. Learn to think for yourself without being influenced by the surrounding environment.

Scorpio: life has the value that we give and respond accordingly. If we live with guilt, life will be a failure. If we begin to declare, screaming that “I deserve”, then life will make us get everything.

Sagittarius: transforming yourself is something difficult, but not impossible. Starti afresh from yourself, buy a new dress that is the image of what you really are. It is time to pursue your vocation.

Capricorn: let things, situations, people happen eliminating any form of control, of power. Play with life, have fun, also enjoy the nonsense. Let go to open up to infinity, jumping into the void.

Aquarius: the only way you can improve the world, is to set an example and to not run away or hide. You start doing things, then others will follow. You are a healthy carrier of truth.

Pisces: love will steer the world, and you will be those who will manifest. But first, you need to take the knowledge that you need to give yourself a “form” a public image that will enlighten the eyes of others. Take back the control the of your life.



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