The Biggest Shift Ever On The Planet Is Happening NOW: Be In The Mission

The Biggest Shift Ever On The Planet Is Happening NOW: Be In The Mission

I believe everyone has a MISSION. And when you feel that Mission, in every cell of your body and DNA. Your heart & soul: Nothing can stop you!!! It is not like going to ‘work’.

A mission can be lived and breath, day and night… It gives energy and protection. It does not TAKE energy. You need to wake up from a long sleep, we ALL have slept over the last 16.000 years as a humanity. WAKE UP.

This is the time every human needs to see and hear the real thing. So YOU make all your friends & everyone you meet aware. We are in this together, the whole humanity! I want you to feel and stand in self-love. Be love, be part of the change. You ALL are here for the change. Even if you do not know what you are here for today.


We were born as Free souls in a Free cosmos, as a Free human race- With Power from within, and all bounded in the same love and the same source.

We got trapped, in fear, money, contracts, systems and leaders or books telling us what and who we are, and how we should live. This is the Old. Old masks, old leaders, old stories and old rules.


Only We, as in Today, in this moment, can remind yourself that You were a God. We all were.

Feel the energy now coming from these words in your body and feel the activating. Wake up, You are here with us, To make Gaia- The Earth- Humanity Shift to who we originally were. You do not need to remember, you feel it Now.

We were born to lead ourselves. We were born to listen to our hearts. We were born to live in peace, unity, harmony, and Love for us all. Most of all: To remember and tell the truth. About our origin, about our DNA, about True healing and True wisdom taught from the Source.

We have been misled, trapped, and far away from ‘ our soul’ for a long time. The change is to stand up, to believe in yourself, in our whole humanity! 99% Of the people pray for love & change. Know this! Everyone has lived in fear and disinformation.

Choose NOW to stop living in a mass-fear. You are clear, powerful, and connected with your essence. NOW. We all are connected in heart, and we all want a SHIFT now. This is a wake-up call, to reach for your light. Your potential. YES, feel this rush in your body NOW. It all starts with YOU.



Show me my mission, I want to be in full control, and lead the mission I was born for’. Ask for it, give yourself permission.

Also, tell your higher self: ‘ I do not want to be a sheep anymore, I will be unique and in my own energy, I will not let politicians, the media, commercials, and negative people tell me WHAT TO THINK, WHAT TO BUY, WHAT TO EAT, WHAT TO SAY.

I stop with following others- I will lead My way. I will be at full strength, protection, love, and get all the tools I need for my mission. I stop with all the habits that leak energy, that cause me damage. I believe in myself NOW.’



It is time for YOU to stand up for humanity, planet earth, and our truth. Connect with all humans in love. It is time to spread the light, love and the truth of your essence. It is time to stop living for money and to stand up for the shift. You know it.

Billions of people wait for this and pray for this. You need to stand up for your responsibilities, and to use your tv, media, newspaper, social network to start the shift!

You need to work altogether and spread the truth, and your light. Today. To all the singers, authors, publishers, artists and journalists: Start writing the truth from today on. Start spreading and connect humanity in the truth. We need you.


Please share, we all need to connect and share. Do not be afraid. You are GREAT!!!!! And so loved!!!

~ New energy waking up CALL by

Author: Leda de Zwaan


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