The Calendar Is About To Flip To 2018! Here Are 5 Guiding Messages To Make It Even More Awesome


The count down to the greatest night of the year has started. As the calendar is about to flip to 2018, we are all slowly starting to recap 2017 and trying to reap the fruits of our hard work. 

Thinking about what 2018 may hold in store for us, many things actually come to mind. With a new year approaching, there is an opportunity for a us all to receive guidance from our angels and spiritual elders to help us make 2018 an truly prosperous and successful year.

I cannot say that 2017 was an easy year. It was marked by shifting energies, letting go of what wasn’t serving the greatest good anymore and a new understanding of ourselves as individual and as a collective as well.

The upcoming year promises to bring each of us amazing opportunities for growth, abundance and positivity in all areas of our lives, if we understand how to harness its potential.

The Angels want to help us thrive like never before, giving us guidance, support and inspiration to dream bigger and step farther into purpose.


Here are the 5 guiding messages from Guardian Angels to make your 2018 brilliant.


1. Have a Vision, know what you want!

If you are dreaming of making your life to be beautiful then start doing something which can actually help you to achieve it.

You can create a vision board to make a clear picture of how you want your life to be. Start posting up pictures and quotes on a board in order to channelize your thoughts, desires, and expectations.

This will really help you to find your true vision of life.

2. Get your Finances in order!

Try to invest your money in a proper way. The way you live up your life clearly shows your economic status. Invest it with all your knowledge.

You can also seek help from elders about how to channelize your flow of income and investment. This will, in turn, help your flow of energy that is money to increase and also you can ideally use that when you really need it. 


3. Keep your mind and heart open and prepare to receive all the goodies from the Universe!

Try to socialize yourself. This world runs on only one policy that is given and take policy.

If you choose either one of them then you are actually creating an imbalance in that policy and thus it will not work out with you.

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Share your problems and try to listen what others say about it. Seek for help from elders and try to be with them when they need you.


4. Let go of whatever is holding you back and holding you down!

Sometimes you need to let few things to go. There are your Guardian Angels who will help you whenever you need them. Shed off all the negative vibes that are inside you.

If something is not giving you joy let that thing go off from your life. In that way, you will be the happiest person.


5. Dreams can never be too big! 

Always shoot for stars, even if you miss the target you will fall on the moon.

If you want something then definitely go for it. Never ever back off from your dreams out of fear. Always be realistic and dream bigger.

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Source: consciousreminder


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