Choose 5 Tarot Cards To Reveal Information About Your Current Situation

Choose-5-Tarot-Cards-To-Reveal-Information-About-Your-Current-Situation.jpgLife happens, and sometimes we have no idea what is going on, or why we are experiencing the things we are going through. This 5 card tarot reading can help guide you along your current path. Which 5 cards will you choose?

Each number corresponds to a certain position and energy. The cards you choose can help reveal information and guidance about your current situation.


Card 1: Current Influences

Four of Wands

Your present position. This card reveals influences and shows the general direction of the reading.

Peace and security follow in the wake of the Four of Wands, usually in the smaller aspects of your life.

Do not let the limited scope bring you to underestimate the joy that simple successes can bring, however: This is a card of good endings and fresh starts.

Its presence should be welcome if you are beginning a new relationship or a new phase of one, such as marriage or engagement, and is especially good for those about to move residences.

Key interpretations: Celebrations and happiness, Completion, Harmony, New beginnings, Pleasure

In this position, the card reveals: Some creative victory is near at hand.


Card 2: Obstacles

Six of Swords

Immediate Influences. This card reveals the nature of the obstacles immediately before you.

Your mental focus can put you on track to leave your current troubles behind, leading to better times ahead. It is important to face your problems from a mental standpoint, thinking through them.

There is still trouble ahead for you, but the worst is over.

Key interpretations: A journey, Better future, Escape, Leftover challenges, Travel

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In this position, the card reveals: You can expect an improvement in your well-being due to a change of position or environment.


Card 3: Past Foundations

Six of Pentacles

Recent influences or events in the past from which your current situation has arisen. Success in your life is bound up in generosity.

This may mean your prosperity will arise from your investment in others, perhaps a financial investment, or maybe advice and support for a friend.

This card can also mean the reverse, that your success will arise from the generosity of someone else.

The two are, of course, not exclusive, and drawing this card suggests you naturally lean towards kind acts and charity.

Key interpretations: Distribution, Donation, Favour, Prosperity, Solvency

In this position, the card reveals: There are joy and possible wealth in your future, and your past fairness is at the root of it all.


Card 4: Past Events

The Hierophant (Pope)

Reveals a recent influence or event which is coming to an end. Depending on your nature, the Heirophant can mean very different things.

At its root, it represents doctrine, but doctrine can come in the form of teaching and guidance or rigid authority.

Where it appears in your spread is also important, as it is most often indicative of your own approach to the moral, religious, and social conventions of the world. Considered wisely, it helps show the path towards fulfillment.

Key interpretations: Approval, Conformity, Consent, Good advice, Marriage or Union

In this position, the card reveals: Learn from your past. Experience is your best teacher.


Card 5: Goals and Destiny

The Hermit

Shows your desired goals and aims, and reveals the best outcome that can be achieved in your current situation. There are times in every life when one must step back and carefully examine their situations and decisions.

Finding the Hermit in your spread suggests this is such a time for you. You are in need of a period of inner reflection, away from the current demands of your position.

This retreat can be physical, or a search within. Only a deep and honest introspection will lead to a solution, however.

Key interpretations: Detachment, Guidance, Solitude, Sour-searching and introspection, Thinking and reflection

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In this position, the card reveals: Your self-sufficiency and comfortable relationship with your own beliefs will lead you to happiness.


Card 6: Future

The High Priestess

Reveals a new influence that will soon be brought to bear in your life. Your identification with the High Priestess suggests you possess inherent good judgment, in the form of strong intuition. She may indicate that reason should take second place to instinct.

Your head must trust in the wisdom of your heart for a change.

Yet, she is also an aide by nature, and her presence in certain parts of your spread could be indicative of someone close to you coming to your rescue with their own intuition.

Intuition is most effective at seeing what is hidden to the senses, so the High Priestess may also come as a warning of concealed facts or influences that are, or will be, important to you.

Key interpretations: Feminine influences, Insightful, Mystery, Understanding, Wisdom

In this position, the card reveals: There is a potential for your actions to bring you real rewards, but only if you maintain discipline and motivation, even in the face of attempts to dissuade you.


Card 7: The Querant (you)

Nine of Cups 

This card reveals your negative feelings and provides additional information about how you feel in your present environment. 

This card is a very powerful positive indicator for you! It represents a lasting or powerful contentment in your life.

While nothing is permanent, somewhere along your life’s path you can expect to be truly happy. It is heavily tied to creative endeavor and good wishes for the future.

Key interpretations: Complete, Fulfilled, Generous, Pleasure, Satisfaction

In this position, the card reveals: You will need to tap into your spiritual energy to fuel a creative effort.


Card 8: Friends and Family

The Emperor

This card shows your influence on the people around you and their influence on you. It also shows how they fit into your home, work, and surroundings.

A counterpart to the Empress, the Emperor signifies a powerful influence, generally male in nature.

This can also include concepts in your life historically considered masculine, such as leadership and authority, self-discipline, and stability through the power of action.

Its positive influences suggest you may be on a path to advancement or promotion, but it can also be neutral.

Often a companion to those destined to take on greater responsibility, it may indicate change or loss that necessitates you stepping forward to shoulder a greater burden than you have in the past.

Whatever the driving force for the change, it indicates you may possess an uncommon inner strength that will compel you to act and to lead.

Key interpretations: Authority, Father figure, Masculine influence, Rational, Stable

In this position, the card reveals: Your instincts to protect and help those you care for are admirable, but a leadership role also demands that you know when to step back. People who depend too greatly on your strength will sap it, and fail to find their own.


Card 9: Hopes, Fears, and Ideals

The Star

Your inner emotions. The Star’s presence signifies a period of respite and renewal for you.

This renewal may be spiritual, physical, or both.

It is a particularly positive sign if you or someone close is recovering from illness or injury.

It is a light in the darkness, illuminating your future and your past.

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Key interpretations: Calm and serenity, Destiny, Hope, Opportunity, Renewal

In this position, the card reveals: Harmony in your life is being held at bay by your reluctance to make a decision.


Card 10: The Final Outcome

Seven of Cups

This card reveals the final outcome of your question. It’s the product of all the other influences shown in this spread.

This card speaks strongly to your inner self. It is trying to tell you something about your unconscious or the realms of your imagination.

Your hopes, dreams, and unrealized aspirations are all fair game to the Seven of Cups. It speaks of a deep confusion or a lack of understanding of your true motivations by your conscious mind.

It is time to look carefully at your own motivations and reexamine your goals, but it is also a risky time to act upon your conclusions.

Key interpretations: Confusion, Dreams and ambitions, Speculating, Decision, Temptation

In this position, the card reveals: Your goals are attainable, but will require constant effort from you, and a willingness to be honest with yourself. When all else fails, fall back on pragmatism and keep moving forward as best you are able.



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