Choose A Symbol To Reveal A Message From Spirit

Sometimes we need just a little sign or maybe a huge sign from the spirit that we are on the correct path and or that maybe it’s time for a change. 

It honestly does work when we ask spirit for a sign to assist us along our journey when it comes to decision making and oftentimes we receive that sign right away and sometimes it may take a week or two before we receive our message.

To find out what your special message from the spirit is, close your eyes ask the question, “What is my message from spirit?” and then select the symbol that resonates with you. 


1. Ying Yang –

The Ying Yang symbol’s message from spirit to you has to do with the area or two in the life that has tested you on many levels.

You are being given the opportunity to raise your vibration, clear some negative karma, create positive/good karma, and align yourself with some pretty amazing opportunities and it all comes down to your reaction as you work through these tests.

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If you can keep this symbol in mind as a reminder that all challenges reveal light on the other side, you will place yourself in alignment with the blessings that are waiting for you on the other side of these tests. 


2. Question Mark –

The Question Mark’s message is more of a validation that it’s time to take that leap of faith and to trust that spirit has your back. You may need to take a little time to plan for this leap of faith.

What is most important at this time is to get real honest with yourself and do something about the area(s) in your life that is stagnant and recognizing that these areas may have already served their purpose.

Change is inevitable and it is more pleasant when we initiate the change rather than spirit initiating these changes for us.


3. Ax –

The Ax’s message for you is that it is crucial for you to let go of the old ways of thinking that are limiting and holding you back from fresh, new, and exciting experiences that are waiting for you.

Many of us are creatures of habit and sometimes become complacent when it comes to making the necessary changes in our belief systems.

Past disappointing experiences often limit our willingness to be open to a different perspective as well as the new thought processes that come with looking at things a little differently.

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If you are open to expanding upon your belief systems at this time, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised!


4. Ring –

The Ring in this instance reminds us that all relationships require balance, open communication, respecting, accepting, and honoring the feelings of the other party.

At this time, spirit asks you to reflect upon which relationship(s) is or are out of balance, this includes all relationships; family, friends, co-workers, romantic partners, as well as the relationship you have with your inner self.

After you have spent a good amount of time reflecting upon your relationships, follow through with the necessary changes that you know are needed to improve the relationship(s) that are out of balance.


5. Barbell 

The Barbell symbol is telling you that it’s time to get your game face on, gear up and take on that situation that scares you the most.

Fears can paralyze and most certainly are not a productive use of your time, energy and emotions.

The fear may have to do with; trusting yourself to be open to love, putting in an application to your dream job, telling someone you love them, telling someone they let you down, and or any situation that is paralyzing you emotionally, mentally, and or physically.

Look that fear in the eye and tell it to step to the side and then take care of business.

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The strength and courage that you are embracing is a loving, assertive, kind, powerful, and rational strength. The courage is not bossy or rude, it is confident and will move mountains for you.


6. Bicycle –

The Bicycle is a reminder that you ARE the only one that is in control of your reactions and emotions. You can allow outside influences to push your buttons or you can filter through challenging situations and decide what your next move is.

This symbol is a reminder that movement and being a proactive participant in your life is the best way for you to reach your destiny. Beep Beep! Move over, you’ve got an amazing life to live!


Source: awakeningpeople


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