Choose a Tribal Mask and We Will Reveal What Kind of a Person You Are



Why do we choose the things we choose? What does our choice reveal about our personalities? Well, pick your favorite mask and find out.


#1 The Speaking Mask

If this is the mask of your choice then you are someone who is extremely good at expressing yourself. You are good at speaking and your words are your greatest weapon.

You can decimate your opponents merely by speaking and you don’t even have to raise a finger to do so.

But this does not mean that you misuse words. You understand its value and you weigh your words carefully before speaking.

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You know that words can both heal or hurt and hence you make sure that when you speak, you speak for good and nothing else.


#2 The Laughing Mask

If this is the mask of your choice then you are the kind of person who likes to have a good time and not bother much about what others have to say.

You are someone who likes to have a laugh and have fun whenever you can. You are the kind of person who lives in the moment and savors it completely.

The most incredible fact about you is that you have a killer sense of humor which also indicates a higher degree of intelligence when compared to most.

You are someone who understands a joke for what it is and you do not mind having a few laughs if you can help it.


#3 The Angry Mask

If this is the mask of your choice then you may have a dark side lurking inside you. Anger may be raging inside you, just shimmering beneath the surface and ready to erupt like a volcano which has been dormant for years. All it needs is a little push.

But this does not mean that you don’t know how to control your anger.

You are perfectly calm and composed but you hate being provoked and it is when you are pushed into a corner that you retaliate and hard. You are someone who should not be threatened as the consequences would not be good.


#4 The Silent Mask

If this is the mask of your choice then you are what people call the ‘strong and silent’ type. Your true strength lies within you and you are more than aware of your capabilities but you also have a modest side which keeps you humble and grounded.

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You are someone who likes keeping to themselves and you like socializing with only your close friends as you know that not everyone would understand your true worth and you prefer being with those who accept you for who you are rather than those who seek to change you.


#5 The Warrior Mask

If this is the mask of your choice then you have a soul of a warrior. You are one of those rare people who never quit and you persist even where others chose to give up.

You have the unique ability of persevering and you battle hard.

You are, therefore, the kind of person who gives their hundred percent, no matter what, and you are someone who likes beating all odds whenever possible.

You fight your battles alone and you are one of those rare people who would keep smiling even when hurting inside.


#6 The Priestly Mask

If this is the mask of your choice then you are someone with highly developed intuitive powers. You are good at reading people and you are good at understanding things from their point of view.

This makes for incredible empath skills and you may just excel at it.

you are, therefore, the kind of person who can put themselves in other people’s shoes and see the world from their perspective.

Your empath skills are extremely valuable and you know how to use them to help others. You are the kind of person who comes along once in a while and the kind of friend one could die for.


#7 The Healing Mask

If this is the mask of your choice then you have a golden heart and a saintly soul. You are someone who was born to be generous, kind, and of help to others. You possess a heart which bleeds for others and you even go out of your way to help others.

The best aspect of your personality, however, is that you do these things without asking for anything in return.

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You help out because that’s just the kind of person you are and you stand up for those who need your help as you know what it feels like when you need help and no one is there.


#8 The Ruling Mask

If this is the mask of your choice then you are someone who was born to lead. Some leaders are born to make the change and you may just be the sort of leader who can do that.

Everything you do reflects your leadership skills and the kind who leads by example.

You are, therefore, someone who would excel because you have that cutting edge with you but you would not be the one who likes to succeed alone, you would bring others up with you.

You are the kind of leader who would have people’s respect and you would be followed because you are loved.



Source: thedailynet


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