Choose One Card To Reveal Your Darker Side


Do you know your dark side?

Do you have feelings that you detest? Do you do things that you are ashamed to talk about? Is there a part of you that you would like to eliminate? Or maybe you hate things that everybody else likes? We all have a dark side that we are afraid to face.

Your dark side does not understand good intentions, commitments, doing what is supposed to be done. It remains repressed but growing, looking for a way out.

Exploring and understanding your dark side will allow you to regain control over yourself, understand yourself and know yourself.

Choose one of these 3 cards and discover what darkness you have inside you and then find the message it has for you.


If you chose card 1

The darkness that the Oracle sees inside you is that you blame others for your life, for what has happened to you, for what is happening to you.

You may have some light inside you and you don’t blame your parents, for example, but we are so used to victimizing ourselves, that we often do it almost by inertia.

Maybe you think you have bad luck in love, or that you don’t understand why your hard work is not recognized or respected, or why it’s hard for people to respect you or value you.

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You should stop seeing yourself as the victim all the time and actually take an initiative to get the respect and recognition you deserve and only then you will find the true happiness in life.


If you chose card 2

You have intellectualized your internal processes, your darkness. Mentally you understand very well everything that happens to you, who you blame, what to heal, what not to do, what to do.

However, understanding them with the head and not sending them to the heart where your light is, makes that darkness remains inside you.

Stop looking for an explanation of what you wish to heal, let your heart feel and illuminate your life.


If you chose card 3

The belief that there are “good” and “bad” emotions and feelings is the darkness that you find hard to see. By rejecting envy, resentment, anger, hatred, greed, and thinking that they belong only to others and that the “enlightened” or people who are in another level of consciousness do not feel them or do not have them, you already let the dark side win because nobody is perfect. We all have our good side and our bad side.

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All emotions are proper to human beings. The difference is that envy or rancor, for example, shouldn’t dominate your life, but they are there and are showing you that you are just a human, an ordinary person.

Illuminate that belief, because it is always good to remember that we are all one and should be separated as good as bad, we are all human and we all do good things and we all make mistakes, the key is to try to do more good than bad and you will find true happiness.


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