Choose One Mandala To Reveal What Decision Your Soul Has Made For You

Everyone can be insecure when he or she is in about to make an important decision. Luckily, our soul can guide us when we need it most.

Although we’re hesitant to decide, the decision is always ours. Even now. Behind one of the following 4 mandalas, there is useful advice about your current dilemma. Listen to your intuition and choose the mandala you are most drawn to.


First Mandala:

Sometimes you might feel like this is as good as it gets, even when things are looking grim. Perhaps this is your way of maintaining peace and harmony with those around you.

But in reality, you need to allow things to be as they are, without you trying to influence the outcome. If it’s bad, let it be bad, if it’s good, it will feel good.

Balance is key. You do not have to fight all the battles, so just sit back and enjoy what you’ve been through so far.

If you want to keep your inner harmony, remember only put your energy into the things that really matter. This is the time of rest and recharge when you can gather strength for the further battles of life later on.






Second Mandala:

This mandala shows you are at a very important stage in your life. You may feel that something is disturbing or unsettling, and you might be struggling to sleep at night.

This is a sign that you have to face something important before you go any further.

Be honest with yourself and try to unravel what is hindering forgiveness, especially of yourself. For your decision, it is not important to reflect on the past- you have done enough of that- but to focus on the power of today.

It may be that you will have to leave something or somebody behind you, but if you do, you will have the chance to shape your new value system and improve your life. You must, however, be aware that events or information about one of your past actions can seriously affect your decision.






Third Mandala:

This mandala represents a creative and confident time when you can make good decisions more easily than usual. As you are currently going through changes in home life, your material and physical world needs you to approach events practically.

If you do this, you will have every hope of success. The Sun’s rays symbolize creative energies and untapped capabilities, so it is important not to plunder your time and waste your energy.

The nature of the changes will not always be so favorable to your circumstances, so it is good to keep an open mind and try to see things from all perspectives.

It is also a good time to improve your relationship or your career. Whether your lenient, or generous attitude is persistent, you will want to try to look at the good side of things and be optimistic about the future. Good things are coming.






Fourth Mandala:

This is the time for you to enrich yourself. Every step you need to make up for lost self-love can be found so you can finally rebuild yourself. You can only give love to others if you love yourself, you value it, so you need to discover your virtues. Remember, the most important lesson for you is that you have to take care of yourself too.

It is never too late for you to grow up, to strive for a living space or a relationship that provides shelter and warmth. Finding your inner harmony depends on finding a good path between selflessness and selfishness, sacrifice and self-reliance, and making your choices of prosperity both for you and your environment.




Source : mysticalraven


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