Choose One Of These Symbols And We’ll Reveal Your Biggest Fear

Choose-One-Of-These-Symbols-And-Well-Reveal-Your-Biggest-Fear.jpgWe all have very similar fears, but some of our fears play a bigger role in our lives.

While you may have an idea what your biggest fear is, shamans, believe symbols have the power to reveal what your subconscious is thinking.

Looking at the image above, which symbol stood out to you the most? Was it the eye on the top left? The wheel on the top right? The lotus flower on the bottom left? Or the tree branches on the bottom right?

Go with your first feeling, and then scroll to read your biggest fear, and how you tackle it.


The Eye

The way others see you affect how you live your life. Although you have an ability to connect with people easily, you are constantly worried by how they judge and perceive you.

You fear people questioning what you do in your life, which has prevented you from living to your fullest potential.

The best thing you can do is work on your confidence. As a member of society, it’s easy to be worried about appearances, but we must also stay true to ourselves.


The Wheel

You’re afraid of remaining stagnant. Life isn’t mean to be lived doing the same thing over and over again, but you’re unsure of how to live a life like that.

You want every day to feel like a vacation, not have to work yourself to death to go on a two-week break.

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If you feel this way, it’s time to gain some clarity. What is it that you want most in life? What makes you truly happy? Weigh the pros and cons and move forward from there.


The Flower

Your biggest fear is a failure. Failure of the unknown. Failure of not being able to reach your goals.

As much as you hate it, failure is holding you back. But don’t forget, it’s the risks we take in life that are worth it. One door will lead to another and the next thing you know, your life is even better than you could have ever imagined.


The Tree

If your first choice was the branches of a tree, you’re afraid of growing old. To you, old age is just another word for death.

It’s not that you want to live forever, but that you want to stay young. You want all your loved ones to always be there with you. You don’t want them to grow old either.

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Your heart is big, and that’s such an admirable personality trait. However, you must come to terms with the reality of life. Time moves forward, whether you like it or not. Cherish every moment of your life, and I promise you, turning 80 won’t be so bad.


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