Choose One Raw Gemstone To Read Advice For Your Current Life Situation

Choose-One-Raw-Gemstone-To-Read-Advice-For-Your-Current-Life-Situation-.jpgWhich raw gemstone is drawing you in at this moment?

Pick a raw gemstone below and then scroll down to find the number that you selected to see what it is you need to know right at this moment.


It may also be a good idea to grab that stone for your collection and sit in meditation with it for a while to work on the issue.


Number 1 – Turquoise

You have chosen the gemstone turquoise. If you selected this stone, then it is very likely you’re not speaking up in an area of your life where you should be speaking up the most!

Take some time to sit with the Turquoise gemstone in silent meditation and ask the Archangel Michael to send warm a cleansing white light through the throat chakra to help you clear any blocks to the energy that may be there at the present moment.

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Then, you need to ask the Archangel Raguel for the assistance to help you communicate effectively in the area of your life that you do not feel safe speaking up about.

If you’re worried about others will think about you right now around a certain situation, call in these two archangels to help you positively speak your truth and all will turn out well for the highest good of all involved. they will be there for you!


Number 2 – Rose Quartz

You have chosen the gemstone Rose Quartz. At this time in your life, you are having some issues of the heart that are blocking you from feeling unconditional love regarding a certain situation or person (possibly yourself).

You may ask the Mother Mary to please come into your space as you hold a rose quartz stone over your heart chakra. Ask her to send a healing pink light through it into your heart chakra.

You may have thoughts or feelings of either a present person or someone from the past come up, that you need to process with acceptance or forgiveness. Are you holding onto resentments?

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Mother Mary can help you see the compassion and love that is needed in order to release this once and for all. If someone came to mind while reading this, chances are it’s that!

It is a powerful combination to use rose quartz, pink light, and the Mother Mary’s unconditional love. So loving and healing that you will never regret it.


Number 3 – Clear Quartz

You have the chosen clear quartz gemstone. At this time you need some clarity regarding a certain situation in your life, as well as a certain boost of powerful energy to get it done!

I would work with the Archangel Raziel and ask him with all of his rainbow sparkly glory for spiritual clarity and to help boost your energy as you move forward.

The clear quartz is a stone that we can use for clarity and psychic awareness.

It may also be used with other stones to amplify their healing properties. Sit with Archangel Raziel and placed the clear quartz at the top of your head at the crown chakra thinking of a situation that you need some clarity on at this time.

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Inhale through the nose for a five count and exhale slowly through the mouth for a count of five.

On each exhale let the beautiful amplifying energy of the quartz slide through you releasing any blocks that may be holding you back from seeing the situation clearly. You will feel the recharging vibration of the stone as it fills you and inspires you!


Number 4 – Sapphire

You have chosen the Sapphire gemstone. You have a situation that needs a little bit of planning and vision.

The sapphire is a stone that we use for psychic awareness or psychic visions.

It is a wonderful stone that can be used in conjunction with the third eye chakra between your eyebrows.

Do you need a little bit of help with your vision on how to move forward with something? Or maybe you simply need to know what the likelihood of events are going to be in a certain situation if you move ahead as planned.

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You have a very good idea already because you are amazingly intuitive, but still, want to have a little bit of clairvoyance help in order to move forward and have a vision on how to accomplish the task for the highest good of all involved.

It is often a good idea to place a piece of sapphire under your pillow at night so that your dreams may be assisted with the vision of how to move forward the next day or into the future.


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