Choose A Stone And Discover What It Reveals About You


The first stone that attracts your mind when you look at this image will determine your result.


Stone #1.

The first stone is Opalite. You want only freedom in life from the hustle and bustle of civilization. You feel the need to disconnect and find peace somewhere where your senses and inner thoughts reign supreme.


Stone #2.

The second stone is Malachite. It reveals that major life changes are on the horizon for you. Many changes will be spiritual in nature.

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You may also experience changes in your love life. This is a good time to consider the choices you’ve been making in the grand scheme of life.


Stone #3.

The third stone is a sunstone. If you felt attracted to it, it tells us that you’re an optimist through and through.

The future for you is bright as can be. Be sure to spend lots of time absorbing the healing warmth of the sun as you move forward. Don’t lose your sunny disposition!


Stone #4.

The fourth stone is a mahogany obsidian stone. If drawn to this stone, your subconscious is trying to say that it’s time to break out of old habits and routines and create a new life.

Remember how lucky you are and how grateful you are for everything and don’t let jealousy creep into your mind.


Stone #5.

The fifth stone is called howlite. If you’re attracted to this stone, keep your mind open for messages from the “other side.”

These messages may come from otherworldly beings or passed relatives and loved ones.

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Keep a dream journal and be aware of visions or synchronicity.


Stone #6.

The final stone is dalmatian jasper. This stone indicates that you’re fun loving and need to keep a play alive in your life.

Seek out new adventures and make new friends. Having fun will win the day for you.




Source: myinformator


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