How To Discover Our Past Life Soulmates

How-To-Discover-Our-Past-Life-Soulmates.jpgIn this terrifying world of hatred and uncertainty, love through our past life soulmates is what greases the rusted out wheels of our lives turning ever forward. The idea of love itself is so powerful some even believe that it exists beyond the surly bonds of flesh.

It is believed that some share a love so deep it defies the passing of time and ignores the death of the body, a love that is ingrained into the souls of those who share it.


But Who Are Your Past Life Soulmates?

As its name implies, a past life soulmate is a person whose previous incarnation was in love with another person’s previous incarnation. It is believed that when two people who shared a deep love in a past life, their heart chakra opens up, and they begin to remember scenes of their love from previous lifetimes.

They will feel a sense of deja vu and for a brief moment great energy flares up in the deepest part of the soul as it senses the energy of one who was more dear to them than any other.

Criteria for Meeting

It is believed that in order for the two people to meet in this earthly realm they must share a Karmic tie to this level of being. The meeting itself can never be forced, and two soulmates can be around each other for years without ever realizing their destined love.

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It is the benevolent hand of The Universe which will decide when the time is right to reveal their souls to one another. They will always find each other, and even if they don’t end up together romantically, they will feel compelled to seek one another out and help make their counterpart happy.


How to Find Your Soulmate

The short answer is that there is no way to try; it is just something that must happen. You cannot make grass grow by pulling on it, neither can you force yourself to find your soulmate, it simply must be allowed to take its natural course.

The invisible hand of fate will push you towards your loved one no matter who they are, and you will know the joy they bring you and the warm feeling in your heart that they are your true soulmate.


How Will I Know When I Find Them?

You’ll know. You won’t know how, but you’ll just know. In the back of your mind, ancient memories from bygone eras will replay, and your souls will intertwine as the hand of fate twists your paths together as one.

When it is truly time to remember what once was, you will remember. It is not the nature of past life soulmates to be sought out; rather they will be a pleasant surprise as we walk the roads The Universe lays out for us.

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Love comes in many forms, no two are ever completely alike, but all of them will make you feel a sense of happiness which defies explanation. Worry not, love will find you, it could take years or even lifetimes, but eventually, your souls will find one another.

Life’s certainties are often said to be death and taxes, but people tend not to realize that love ought to also be on that list. Through death, rebirth, ascension, descent, war, peace, through all of these, love stays strong, and someday The Universe will see that it comes to you.


Source: limitless-minds


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