Empaths Tune Into The Frequency Of Truth – You Can’t Lie To Us

Empaths-Tune-Into-The-Frequency-Of-Truth-–-You-Can’t-Lie-To-Us.jpgDid you know our body’s physiology literally changes in the presence of truth? Both our breathing and blood pressure relaxes, muscle tension eases, and gastrointestinal function normalizes.

There is an immediate increase in muscle power. We instantly feel happier, more loving, and easy going.


Truth is a frequency we tune into.

The way truth feels in your body I can describe as a sudden feeling of relief and lightness, with an increased happiness and freedom. Unwavering certainty. A sense of empowerment.

Alternatively, being untruthful causes a 50% loss of the body’s muscle strength. Ask any kinesiologist to muscle test you when calling you by a name that isn’t yours! This simple demonstration shows how incongruency erodes our vitality.

When we tell the truth or are in the presence of truth for us, we immediately feel better.

Truth can’t be intellectualized, it’s Invitational, and best described as an intuitive ‘knowingness.’ So how can you know whats true for you?


What’s true is based on our perception

It’s helpful to remember that what ‘true’ is relative and subjective.

Have you heard the story of two blind men who have never touched an elephant? One reaches for his tail and describes the elephant as being long and pointy.

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The other blind man feels the elephants tummy and concludes the elephant is flat and rough. Both men are expressing their perceived truth. Both are correct from their level of perception.


Are you being true to YOU?

The significance of telling the truth to ourselves is often overlooked.

When we are untruthful to ourselves we are literally creating an internal environment for dysfunction to occur. Being dishonest about how we feel, what we’d prefer, or if we’re happy, literally weakens us.

As a Highly Sensitive Person can you subtly feel your physiology alter, when you are being honest or, participating in self-betrayal?


Highly Sensitive People often find it unbearable to knowingly take part in a lie.

We suffer tremendous guilt if we lack the confidence to express our truth. It’s often easier to slip into avoidance and isolation.

The challenge for us in this new millennium, however, is to know what truth for us at any given moment.

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And, to let go of what no longer serves our highest good. To be discerning and assess whether we’ve outgrown a certain belief, history, or habit.


Quietly observe yourself and learn to know whats true

Does your energy feel contracted, or expansive? Do you feel uptight, or at ease? Where in your body do you feel truth? Does thinking about a particular situation fill you with enthusiasm, joy, and excitement? Or do you feel tentative, reluctant, and frozen?

Notice your body language, your breath, and heart rate. We often unknowingly hold our breath or take shallow breaths when we are assessing whether something is true or not.

Do you get hunches? A vision flashed in your minds’ eye? Hear an internal voice offering guidance?

Not knowing whats true for you can result in you becoming dependant on others to tell you whats true for you. However, YOU are your only authority.


Your point of power is knowing how truth feels in your body.

Another great descriptive term is ‘resonance’.

You can know whats true for you if it ‘resonates’ with you. You’ll notice a sense of familiarity, comfort, and remember. Energy doesn’t lie.

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By becoming reliant on others you dis-empower yourself. This can present as a feeling of uncertainty, confusion, hesitation, and anxiety.


Trust your inner-tuition

Learning to unflinchingly trust your inner-tuition is also an invaluable skill many of us Highly Sensitive People need to master.

As a society, we have all become so accustomed to tolerating whats not true for us.

What if we just stopped enduring the inner turmoil and spoke from our hearts about whats true for us more often?


Source: journeythruwellness


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