Extra Sensitive to Changes in Weather? You Could Be Geosentient

Extra-Sensitive-to-Changes-in-Weather.jpgLately, there has been a noticeable increase in natural disasters all around the world. In fact, since the Solar Eclipse in August, it seems that every week there has been either an earthquake, a flood or a hurricane.

According to astrologers, Solar Eclipses can disrupt the natural cycles and weather patterns of the planet. The Solar Eclipse was also a huge energetic reset point for all of us too, and it seems that Mother Earth is also feeling these shifts.

We are all connected so when there is a shift or chaos in our own lives, Earth is going to feel it and just the same, where there is a shift on Earth we are going to feel it too.

With all of these natural disasters happening lately, it seems that the planet is definitely responding to something or guiding us to see something in our own lives.

There is also a psychic energy that comes along with these natural disasters and a fluctuation of frequencies that can cause highly sensitive people or empaths to feel out of sorts.

Not only is there an increase in fear in the areas affected by the disasters, but the changes in temperature and pressure can cause an increase in psychic activity and can create a heavy feeling in your energy centers or chakras.

This increased sensitivity to natural disasters is fairly common amongst empaths, however, there are many people who are sensitive to the weather at any time of year.

When the pressure drops and a storm is about to come on, or when there is a sudden change in temperature, some people find themselves getting sick or even suffering from migraines. Being this sensitive to the change in weather is known as being Geosentient.

People who are Geosentient essentially feel a shift in the weather on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. They may also feel out of sorts or off balance leading up to a natural disaster.

While every Geosentient will feel things differently, usually just before the weather is about to change or before a natural disaster is about to strike, they will begin feeling the following symptoms-

  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Headaches or even migraines
  • Feeling strong emotions that are out of character
  • Feeling a build of pressure/energy
  • Overactive psychic abilities

Many Geosentients find that these symptoms pass almost immediately as the change in weather stabilizes or becomes more consistent.

Geosentients are also very in sync with the Moon and often feel lunar cycles very strongly. This is because similar frequency changes can be felt leading up to a New Moon or Full Moon.

Geosentients also have the ability to pick up pain from Earth and have the ability to see the planet as a conscious, living and breathing organism. They feel very connected to Earth and it is very likely that part of their soul mission involves helping or protecting the planet.

Most animals are also Geosentient as well. Animals have much more advanced psychic senses than most humans do, which means they have the ability to notice the subtle changes in pressure and the environment. Their sense to this is so acute that they can often predict natural disasters before they are going to happen.

Science has also observed this and seen animals acting in weird ways leading up to natural disasters like earthquakes and so on.

We all have the ability to tune into these subtle changes in Mother Earth, it is just that we don’t pay attention or we often don’t realize that we can.

Do you resonate with being a Geosentient?


Source: foreverconscious


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