Feng Shui: 10 Tips to Decorate Your Home

Feng shui: 10 Tips to Decorate Your Home

Feng Shui is a particular oriental art, originated from China, this art supports the traditional architecture in the design of housing and in the choice of furniture. The spaces are arranged so as to create a harmony between the interior and the exterior of the house.

The term Feng Shui recalls the words “wind” and “water” which according to the Chinese culture, equal health, happiness, peace, and prosperity.

In Feng Shui, every choice is aimed at creating welcoming environments that are able to give comfort to those who live there. Choosing to decorate your house with awareness following the principles and advices of Feng Shui, enables passing your own time in pleasant spaces, comfortable and tidy, suitable with moments of relax, at welcoming guests or even at work.

The Feng Shui can indeed be used also in the office. Here are some useful tips for those preparing to decorate or renovate their spaces, or simply trying to rearrange in the right way.


10 Tips to Decorate Your Home According to Feng Shui


1) Decluttering (remove what is cluttering, eliminate confusion)

In Feng Shui reigns the rule of order. Before moving the couch or the mirror, get rid of the superfluous. The accumulation of objects that are not used and in disarray, according to Feng Shui, prevents the flow of positive energy and can create stasis situations that have the power to influence negatively on the welfare of domestic life.

So it’s better to try to tidy up every day and get rid of what you do not need, of course, in the most ecological way, for example through barter. Don’t accumulate and follow a simple principle: the right one is enough.


2) Colors

If you are looking to prepare to paint from scratch or to repaint the walls of the rooms of your home, pay attention to your preferred colors. That choice should not be random and must adapt to any environment. In the living room colors like red or orange facilitate the conversation with your family or friends.

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The blue and green in the bedrooms promote relaxation and restful sleep, while the pink stimulates romance and passion. Yellow, in the kitchen, stimulates appetite and gives energy from the start of the day, when you get your breakfast.


3) Sofa and bad

feng-shui-remedy-for-sofa-facing-front-doorThe arrangement of furniture is one of the essentials of Feng Shui. In the living room, the sofa must be positioned so that it lies facing the entrance door. Everyone entering your house can immediately perceive the presence of a symbol of welcome and hospitality. Furthermore, it must be placed with its back near the wall, to give a sense of security to those who will snap.

To create a situation of greater relaxation and serenity, the bed should be positioned so that it is not located directly in front of the door. The door must be far away from the gaze while trying to get to sleep.


4) Mirrors

Mirrors can obstruct the flow of positive energy. According to Feng Shui, there should not be visible mirrors placed in the bedroom.

The presence of a mirror close to the own bed could disturb or even hinder sleep. An alternative to this would be to place the mirror on the inside of the cabinet doors or in a corridor outside the room where you rest.


5) Windows

The windows should be big enough to allow you to take advantage of natural light for illumination of the interior spaces during the day. Particular attention should be directed to the windows that are on a busy street.

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The passage of cars should not disturb the harmony and tranquility of the house. That is why Feng Shui suggests to cover them with suitable curtains, light-colored, in order to not hinder the natural light while you rest.


6) The kitchen

feng shui kitchenThe kitchen should be a friendly and orderly place. The door should never be positioned directly behind the cook, so as to foster a feeling of tranquility while you are at the stove.

The stove must be kept clean, in order to encourage abundance and prosperity. The oven should never be placed near the refrigerator or sink. In the kitchen, just like in all the other rooms, you should avoid furniture with fluid and rounded shapes. Particular attention especially to the edges of tables.


7) Materials

For home furnishing, Feng Shui suggests choosing natural materials as much as possible, such as wood, stone, and metal. You should eventually avoid plastics.

The floors and the wooden doors and windows allow obtaining a continuity, at least from a visual point of view, between the external natural environments, and the interior of the house.


8)  Bathroom

feng-shui-tips-for-kitchen-door-face-toilet-doorAccording to Feng Shui, the bathroom can be placed anywhere in your home. There is one important recommendation: the bathroom door should not open directly onto the kitchen, in order to prevent the spread of germs.

The bathroom must always be equipped with a window, in order to allow adequate ventilation and to ensure light conditions that would allow using the room without the need for the electrical energy during the day.


9) Stairs and elevators

The stairs inside the house should always be harmonious and not too steep, constructed with regular heights and built with natural materials, as well as resistant, such as wood or stone.

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When designing an office, you should pay particular attention to the position of the stairs or the lift from where is located the front door. As the “Feng Shui” (Wu Xing Manual, The Meeting Point Editions, 2000) suggests the office should not look out of an elevator or a steep staircase, as this would impede the financial luck.


10) Garden

The garden should always be well groomed and tidy. Even plants present inside the house or on the terrace must receive the care necessary to avoid the presence of dry leaves and the perception of disorder.

The presence of areas with neglected plants prevents the flowing of positive energy, giving way to negative emotions. Taking care of the garden serves as a beneficial therapy for the mind and our inner being.



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