Five Powerful and Fast Self-Healing Techniques You Need To Use

Five-Powerful-and-Fast-Self-Healing-Techniques-You-Need-To-Use.jpgA human body is an incredible instrument with a full potential to self-heal. Stories about miraculous recoveries and spontaneous healing often have to do with the body’s own abilities to recover.

The key to do so is to remove any obstacles in the mind and energy field. This is achieved through self-healing techniques; many of which are easy, fast, and enjoyable to do. See which one(s) fits your lifestyle and begin your own journey into the world of self-healing.


What Does Self-Healing Mean?

Self-healing is not about an overnight recovery, or never going to your naturopathic doctor again. Instead, it is a journey towards your best self. Your mind, your body and you spirit want to be free of obstacles, traumas, and aches.

When the body is free, a disease has less chance of appearing, and faster ability to recover. While recovering, you will be able to stay patient and at peace, when your body is clear. Self-healing opens the road to this transformation, and it is in the small but meaningful ways that it will improve your existence.

The most exciting part is that science is starting to show that the body can heal up to 75% of diseases. The Noetic Sciences has compiled over 3,500 cases where a person healed from cancer, HIV, thyroid issues, and other serious diseases without treatment.

Self-healing may not be a replacement for a treatment in all cases, but it is a great skill ability to improve upon for better and faster recovery and disease prevention.


Tool #1: Start With Your Emotions

While every part of your being is closely related—physical body, emotional, mental, and spiritual—your emotional state is vital and sometimes overlooked.

Whenever you are feeling down, your emotions can weaken your immune system, prevent healing, and make you susceptible to illness. It is important to be aware of how you are feeling each day, and each moment, and let go of the emotional baggage.

Emotions are information for our body to know what we like and we don’t like. It also points out to a situation that has been left unresolved, with another person or in your own mind. When you consciously recognize what emotion you are feeling, you can choose to let it go.

It is like saying to your body, “Thank you for this information, but I no longer need this in my life.

To acknowledge your emotions, sit down in a quiet, comfortable, safe space, close your eyes, and quiet your mind. Be honest with yourself with what you are experiencing. Say out loud “I feel…happy, or sad, or angry, or disappointed.” Sit with this emotion for a few minutes, and ask your mind where it came from. Did something happen recently or a long time ago that triggered it?

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Try to pinpoint how this emotion feels physically. Do you feel heaviness in your chest, shoulders, breathing or anywhere in your body? Or does it feel light?

Say out loud that you are willing to release this heaviness. “I consciously let go of this…

You can also choose to replace it with positive affirmations that make sense in the given situation.


Tool #2: Add A Conscious Breathing Exercise

After an emotional release—and to add to it—a breathing exercise will let go of stuck trauma, and stress that is stuck in your physical body.

To put it simply, you need to take deep and long breaths. Many of us have short and shallow breathing instead. This shallow breathing does not deliver enough oxygen to the cells to promote healing.

Deep breathing, on the other hand, is one of the most powerful tools for self-healing.

Conscious breathing is when you pay attention to your breath throughout the day. When you get stressed, you are more likely to forget to breathe, and having the intention to be mindful of it will help you come back to your inner peace and breathe deeply.

In acute stressful cases, slow down, sit down with a straight spine, and start breathing deeply. Make sure the breath fills into the lower belly, and not just stays in the chest.

Feel every part of your spine stretch out as you inhale and let your body relax and deflate on the exhale. Continue to do this wave-like breathing for a few minutes. Feel the stress melt away.


Tool #3: Read Your Body With A Scan

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get a first opinion about what is going on in your body from your body? While it should not be used as the only diagnostic tool, especially when it comes to serious illnesses, in many cases, you can find out what is wrong with your body without needing special machines. All you need to do is be incredibly in tune with your body.

A body scan is a part of a mindfulness meditation that works best when done daily. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes, but you can choose a longer scan as well. While in a state of meditation, you need to start focusing on each part of your body at a time and in order, from head to toes.

The goal is to notice how each part, each organ feels individually so that you become aware of their natural state. The next time you feel it change, it will give you a sign that something is off. Then you can send loving energy to that spot to start healing or apply an energy work of your choice.

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As you practice, you will be able to feel different areas of every organ and be very specific. This is the best practice to get to know your own body and its needs.


Tool #4: Use Imagery For Self-Healing

When a body scan or another method finds something unbalanced in the body, you can use guided or self-visualization meditation to heal the affected area. It is said that anything one can envision can come to life, and it is also true when it comes to health.

Whenever there is anything wrong in the body, imagining the problem going away, and being replaced with absolute health. (Disclaimer: this is not a professional medical, but spiritual advice.)

Oscar winner David Seidler once told his story about healing his bladder cancer with visualization. Having survived cancer once, David decided to completely deny chemotherapy the second time when it returned.

Instead, after the surgery to remove cancer, he spent all his time imagining a healthy bladder— “a nice, cream-colored unblemished bladder.” He also took immune boosting supplements. He believes that this visualization technique was strong enough for him to heal.

This is supported by many mind-body connection studies, as well as many doctors have seen this happen in patients. Your mind has the power to heal.

You do not need to have any issue in your body to use this technique. You can just meditate every day and visualize a healthy body and a long life.


Tool #5: Work With Universal Energy

The last and final tool to have in your arsenal in energy work. The most popular one is Reiki, a Japanese technique based on universal life force energy.

The technique sends energy to the body, which promotes relaxation, removes stress, and promotes healing. Getting attuned to a Reiki level 1 is enough to be able to use this technique to help heal yourself and your friends and family.

Many more energy techniques are out there available for you to tap into such as Healing Touch. You also do not necessarily need any training to heal yourself.

Every single person on Earth can tap into the universal energy and use it to recharge and self-heal. You also have a unique variation of your gift that is unique to you. By practicing with energy work, you will be able to uncover it and increase its power.

Using energy tools works by placing your hands on or just above the affected area and imagine white, loving, healing light go from your hands into the body—this is where the visualization skill comes in handy. It also works through intention.

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The kind of energy you intend to create is the one that will be available for your use. Combining energy work with visualization, breathwork, emotional release exercises, and using a body scan is the main arsenal you need for self-healing. Once you master that, other, more complex tools can be added to enhance your experience.


Source: spiritsciencecentral


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