Full Beaver Moon In Gemini November 23rd: Learning To Stay Calm and Be Flexible

The 23rd of this month is going to be a full moon and that full moon is going to be in Gemini. While energies will be high as Thanksgiving comes to an end and the terrifying Black Friday ensues this full moon will be bringing out a lot of different things within each of us.


Because this full moon is the full moon of November it is known as a beaver moon by most. It is called the beaver moon because November was the time in which many would set traps and collect beaver fur for the winter and is the time most beavers are spending preparing for winter themselves.

Because this full moon is in Gemini it will make us all feel stronger but it will also bring out the beast in most of us.

This November full moon is going to have a very dirty feeling surrounding it, which is not something we are used to. According to Astrology King, that is because of the planetary aspects and fixed stars at the current point in time.

This full moon is going to have a lot of us feeling bitter and angry until it’s influence is over. We are all going to be trying our best to protect ourselves and in that causing harm to others.


During this time you need to be a bit more flexible than usual and take each thing that comes your way one step at a time. The new moon always follows through on its promises so you need to keep your chin high.

Release your frustrations but don’t overdo yourself. You will be struggling with self-control and perhaps a bit more impulsive because of the fact that Mars is square Jupiter.

Trying to moderate the energies around you and avoid becoming too invested is not going to be easy. You might notice that you become overwhelmed easily while the energies of this beaver moon are present but grounding yourself will help.

This full moon is one that will be like no other we’ve had this year and because of that, it is going to really bring you to a darker place within.

Remember to meditate and do not let these energies consume you. Talk things out and relax as best you can. You are a bit too emotional for your own good during this kind of time period and you need to keep that in mind.



Source : awarenessact


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