What the Hell is Going On With Our Modern Society


Its coldness goes deep into the core, the indifference towards each-other, the egoism for yourself, the effort to love yourself when deep in your soul you hate any defect of its(which in fact you see as defects because they really are virtues) desire to embrace the wrong and to castaway the right has gripped us as globalists society. We are trying to sell the image. Trimmed in various forms, make up, plastic surgery, Photoshop  “And  we suppress the soul” WHY ? We are stressed out (Oh god how often we use this term).



Our problems, our stress is ourselves, even when it doesn`t exist a we crate it, as an irony of sort we believe that we are saved from it but we keep bringing it closer (what we attract from the universe depends on us)






How to deal with it?

We  should confront it, eliminate it, eradicate it, pull it up by the roots and the roots are in our mind.

1- The source is Fear.  Fear that we have to face the future due to the fact that the future is unknown. Therefore the unknown should not look like a challenge, or as an enemy butrust-440224_640t as a friend who has been waiting us for a long time.

2- We must remove from our everyday vocabulary the phrase; I can`t do, I can`t be, I am not at the right height and others “not” or denial particles  that keep us apart from the way of life which we try  so badly to live, but unfortunately we only survive under the pressure of DENAILS.


3- To love ourselves (to love, to adore it) with respect it with all our wonderful “vices”.

4- Take out  of your company  negative people who just complain and convey their bad vibes throughout their thoughts.

5- Walking in the mountainous consumes all of our old energy to enrich us with new energy by beating an uphill we succeed to breathe more easily, quiet and rich.

Clean sea air, mountain valleys, cleanses not only our lung but our mind also.


6- Read healthy classic books, and find solutions for you problems facing them between characters problems.

7- Eat healthy and stand up from the table not with a fully stomach because our brain gives the signal that the stomach is full 30 minutes late. In this way we end up feeling heavy and hating ourselves  why we ate so much reducing ever more self-esteem.

8- Never discuss when you are angry, we should not even permit to ourselves to lose our temper, to lose our reason the identification feature of human being.


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