Horoscope 11/2016: What Is November Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign

what is november bringing for each zodiac sign
This is what the month of November is expected to bring for each zodiac sign:

ARIES: change course.

The November sun doesn’t amuse you that much anymore, because you are the sign of spring and therefore of life. But the transit is very important for you because it requires the effort of “dying” and simultaneously  being “reborn.”

The fear of losing, of failure, must not condition you. You are the sign of Courage and thus face the month following what the stars are asking from you: change your point of view, always look for the positive side of things.


TAURUS: build your own life.

Sun in opposition for almost the entire month of November might give you a bit ‘of nervousness, especially in relationships. For those in a relationship, I suggest caution because the partner might get tired of your too much “immobility.” Heaven asks you to give yourself  a move, to accept the change that has been asked from you for years.

You are the sign of possessions, the preservation of privileges. But now it’s time to throw all that no longer serves, letting go of useless weight as much as possible. Among this, the memories of the past must become precisely, memories and not weights. It is time to look ahead.


GEMINI: desire to feel good.

A month marked by the need to change some unhealthy living habits. Do not worry if health may give you some problems, nothing to worry about. In fact, I recommend you read “every symptom as a message” that allows you to interpret what that disorder has to say.

In general, the relationship is the sector that brings you most satisfaction. In recent months, those who are single could meet a soul mate, those in a relationship might decide to have children, or go to live with. However, daily life tends to change, and will be asked to do things seriously, responsibly.


CANCER: Time to fall in love.

The Sun in Scorpio is a cure-all for you, and invites you to give yourself the free time to devote on the things you like. This will allow you to deal with a better attitude and good humor, the responsibilities of life. In this month, you might meet someone who can also become something important in your life.

Great-business sector, which brings certainty and greater security. It ”s time to love yourselves, and follow what you’re really passionate about, discarding the rest.


LEO: I love me.

The sun in Scorpio is positioned in quadrature to your sign and therefore, you will do resistance, you will feel caged, tied to something bigger than you that forces you to rethink some decisions  you have taken in recent months. This is because you are given the opportunity to understand that  you are the only ones having to take care of your life.

You have become adults and need to learn that you only need to sacrifice for what is essential, only for things that make life worth living without being influenced by emotional blackmail, or sentimental manipulations. But a  bit of understanding in of your loved ones would not hurt.


VIRGO: defend the borders.

Month of good energy, you are in the recovery phase. The only thing is that you might be tired of meeting the needs of others and thus not having the chance to enjoy personal and intimate moments. The month of November will help to sort out relationships of any kind.

You will be certain to reshape your boundaries, excluding all those who do not deserve to get into your space. But also to bring in those, however, you feel it is worthy. You will be more reserved than usual, more introverted. You are building your “inner home.”


LIBRA: independence.

The sky brings you a little ‘resistance, a hint of fear in listening to your real needs. But the new energy wave, will completely cover the 10, when Mars will enter the sign of Aquarius spurring you to get rid of the emotional burdens that always make you so indecisive. It will be a month divided into two parts. The first during which you’ll perceive the resistors, while the second where you will decide that it is time to become autonomous and independent in your decisions.

You understand that not all decisions can be accepted by others, but what matters is that you are in harmony with your feelings. I remind you that, with Jupiter in the sign, all decisions made will prove, even if not immediately, the best.


SCORPIO: I trust me.

It’s your month, so you have a good time in perspective. Rebuild your self confidence, you will realize that the joy, the game, the enthusiasm and optimism are qualities that belong to you. You will have a revival in so many areas of your life, just because you are changing inside. The light that is entering the dark corners of your emotions,  will dissolve your fears  and release so much pain you have accumulated over time.

You will learn to maintain confidence even after the disappointments. The crisis over the last five years has affected you, shows itself for what it is: a great opportunity for change and inner growth, to be used to build a new life.



You will  deal with your dark side, with your fears of not making it, your confidence could become partially less. But it is only for the first part of the month, then this condition will become something positive. You will find a new inner confidence and new energy. You discover the side of the joy of life, sense of fullness and ability to grasp the present moment.

You’ll want to take back control of your time dedicating life. You will know to accept challenges and do not worry about how things could go. What will count for you, it is the journey we are doing and, as a child, you will be fools and wise at the same time.


CAPRICORN: lighten.

The month of the understanding of truth. Truth about what? That perhaps the time has come to leave the reins of control and accept with detached observation, what goes and what does not go. The search for your own truth, which will set you free from any form of judgment, from all forms of hardness and inner strength.

In front of you, the doors of understanding that the pain you carry within have no longer any reason to continue, will open. The purpose of these transits is to drop the illusions and attachment to anything.


AQUARIUS: to become King or Queens.

The sun in the sign of Scorpio is for you a nuisance, since it is placed in quadrature. This means that you have the chance to work on yourself and be aware that it is time to create your kingdom, where you are the king or queens. For this you need to throw the basis for a happy reign, right, fruiting.

If something is wrong, it means you need to change something in the ruling. To accomplish this, you’ll have to commit more than they should. The implementation begins this month, and you will find good opportunities in all areas of your life.


PISCES: regain confidence.

Amazing this sky, because the sun in Scorpio brings energy and the ability to see opportunities where you first were seeing only problems. You will have more confidence in yourself, you will entrust to your inner power, transforming the reality that you live in something new. It’s the month during which you decide to change course, or otherwise modify something important.

Become “wizards”, sensing that life is something more than just a job, house, mortgage, love, friendships, dinners etc …. what we give importance does not form it will color the sound. “… The essential is invisible to the eye” (cit. The Little Prince).


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