How Cosmic Changes Affect your Physical Body

How-Cosmic-Changes-Affect-your-Physical-Body.jpgWe are all connected to the cosmos, we are the Universe expressing ourselves as human, which means that when there are shifts or changes in the sky, we feel it deeply too.

We can feel the effects of the cosmos not only on an emotional and spiritual level but also on a physical level.

Think of it this way, we know the Moon has the ability to affect the tides of the ocean and seeing as we are also made up of nearly 80 percent water, imagine what effect the Moon is having on us?

Just the same, different planets in the sky are able to activate us on a physical level, either bringing low energy or high energy, outward energy or inward energy.

Low Energy 

The cosmos radiates low energy when we have many planets in retrograde, or when there is a significant transit or shift that is requiring us to go back and look at things from the past in order to move forward.

This low energy frequency can create blockages, causing us to feel stuck, stagnant, lethargic and sluggish. Digestive issues may occur, or we may find that we lose motivation to focus on the things that we are working on.

Symptoms like bloating, lethargy, irritability, stuffy nose, constipation and muscular aches and pains especially in the back, may also be apparent.

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There may be a desire to sleep more and to retreat inwards, this is especially true if the energy is also directed inward.

High Energy 

The cosmos radiates high energy when we are starting a new cycle, when a planet moves into a new sign, when we have a solar or lunar eclipse, and when we have a New or Full Moon.

These are all periods where we are receiving a concentrated dose of energy from the planets above. Our intuition and psychic abilities can also be heightened during high energy periods, and this can bring about third eye activations and headaches.

This high-frequency energy can cause a feeling of release, and by doing so it can amplify any suppressed aches, pains and illness. It can also amplify good feelings too, causing us to feel energized and inspired.

High energy can also make us more sensitive and this can leave us prone to catching coughs and colds, and other viruses. High energy frequencies can also lead to blood pressure problems, loss of balance or dizziness, skin conditions and pimples/acne breakouts.

There may also be a tendency towards insomnia, worry and a general feeling of restlessness as well.

Inward Energy 

The cosmos asks us to go inward whenever we are ending an old cycle or preparing to move onto that next chapter in our lives. Inward energy can also occur during retrograde periods, the Autumn Equinox, and the Winter Solstice.

Inward energy often comes just moments before and moments after a significant change or shift, as this is the time we need to adjust and reflect.

Inward energy can actually help to clear physical symptoms and can activate the healing and releasing process of the body. Because energy is drawing in, physical symptoms are often felt on an internal level.

Outward Energy

The cosmos asks us to radiate our energy outwards after we have begun a new cycle or a new shift of energy has come our way. Outward energy is also felt during the Spring Equinox, and Summer Solstice.

This outward energy can help to inspire and energize us, and it can also stimulate the healing process of the body. Because energy is drawing outward, any symptoms are often seen on an external level.

Both inward and outward energy work with high and low energy frequencies and can change how we feel and receive all of this energy.

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It is also important to note that physical signs and symptoms are often felt when there are blockages or underlying issues that need to be addressed.

If you start to notice a pattern in the cosmos and in your health, it may also provide clues as to your healing journey.

If for example, you always get a headache around a significant planetary shift or Full Moon, it may be a sign that your intuition is blocked up and needs a release.

Just the same, if you find yourself feeling tired and lethargic during a period of low energy, it could be because you need to make the time for self-care and retreat inwards for a little while.

Even though events like an Eclipse affect everyone, there is also your own personal astrology to consider as well, and you may feel things differently compared to someone else.

The best way to navigate through this is to think about your symptom and then look at it from an energetic perspective.

For example, if you have a sore, dry throat you may ask yourself what you are holding in, what energy do you need to get out on the external level? How can you express yourself outwards?

Physical symptoms are always a sign of imbalance, but imbalances happen to all of us, in fact, there really is no escaping them. All you can do is nourish and protect your body the best that you can, and learn how to manage your energy during cosmic shifts through rituals, meditation, exercise and so on.


Source: foreverconscious


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