How to Listen to the Wisdom of Your Body

How-to-Listen-to-the-Wisdom-of-Your-Body.jpgYour body is your temple and home to your soul. It holds its own divine wisdom and knowledge, but unless you meditate regularly or take the time to tune in, chances are you’re going to be unaware of this innate wisdom.

This is not unusual, and why most of our aches and pains and overactive mind go


es unnoticed until we are winding down for the day.

In fact, if you are struggling to sleep, if you constantly feel like you are in a state of confusion, or if you have persistent aches and pains that you are unsure of how to manage, it is a sign that you need to tune in and connect with your body.

When something goes wrong, when we feel under the weather or when we just feel off, it is often our body’s way of communicating with us, and sometimes all we need to do is listen.

In order to tune into your body, you have to become a good listener, and you have to start tapping into the stillness within. While meditation is great for this, a quick and easy way to tune into your body is actually in the shower.

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It’s something about the hot water that is very relaxing for most people and can help to open you up to listen to the wisdom of your body.

To tune into your body, try this simple exercise when you are next in the shower. For best results, try to do this every day –


Tune In to your Body Exercise

1.) Close your eyes, stand under the running water and allow yourself to really feel the sensation of the water on your body.

Really drop into the feeling and allow yourself to notice and observe every sensation. Become super present and try to concentrate on how your body feels.


2.) With eyes closed, take your attention to an area of concern. For example, you may have a bad knee or a sore shoulder. Choose one area and take your attention there. Really allow yourself to feel it.

If there is any pain felt, try to breathe through it. Allow yourself to feel it all, and then direct this question to that area of your body- “What do you want me to know?”


3.) After you ask the question, you may get an immediate response or intuitive feeling. Your response may be a word, a vision, a picture, or just a sensation. Trust whatever arises for you.

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For example, I did this exercise to help tune into my body and the message I received was- “stop pushing”. For me, I was able to feel what this meant and knew that the message was to slow down, stop pressuring myself, and to instead go with the flow a little more.


4.) After you have received your message, you can take this practice further by either journaling about your response or be meditating. You can also direct this question to different areas of your body that may be troubling you.

By feeling into your body on a regular basis and becoming aware of what messages it’s communicating to you, it allows you to take charge of your health and wellbeing.

When you tune into your body and treat it with loving kindness, it is amazing how much your life can improve.

Please note, this exercise is not a substitute for a professional medical diagnosis. While it can help you to become more mindful and aware of your body, if you have a health concern, be sure to get it checked out by a professional.


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