How to Send Distant Energy to anyone


Distant Healing Energy balls are far older than you think. Since the ancient times, humans knew that they don’t just have a physical body, but other frequencies exist within – at the same time.


The Several Bodies we possess

Although many ancient civilizations may have categorized the bodies in a different way they all agree that there is a physical body, a spiritual – energy body (some call it the Astral Body) and the, of course, the immortal Soul. 

The Energy body (aka Astral body) is very sensitive to external (and of course internal) stimuli. While being in a room where something terrible has happened, our Energy Body collects information which affects its “physiology” and therefore it helps us understand what may happen there.

The energy of this terrifying room interacts with your energy body and this chill you’re feeling is an actual 6th sense coming from this – much more – sensitive “body”.

If for any reason you have to stay in this room the energy of the room will interfere with your energy body’s “homeostasis” and change some of its functions which will ultimately mean – if you don’t do something about it – weakness, energy depletion, and sickness.

This does not mean that we should always look for a spiritual reason for our physical body’s illness – always consult with your medical doctor – but it means that witches always act on the energy level too.

This was just an example to show you how energy affects your energy and therefore your physical body. You can pay thousands of Dollars to learn about energy healing, reiki, and distant healing but really you can start practicing on your own and you will see how much “the energy” can do for you.


Follow these steps to create and send energy balls

Energy transcends time and space. Once you learn how to “send energy” you can do it for healing purposes, or even change the outcome of a future event or even send it to the past. Although the actual past event won’t probably change, the impact will be much better for you.

In this article, you will learn how to send energy and


then modify the energy according to what you want (healing, money, protection, love etc)


Step One – your “Temple”

Set up your sacred space where all the magic will happen. This should be a quiet space where its unlikely to be disturbed. 

You can use your altar if you like. Wear comfortable loose clothes, remove heavy jewelry – unless they play an important ritual role for you, for example, a tiara of the Moon (you can soon buy from our Magical Store).

You may want to lay down or sit comfortable or on a yogi or semi-yogi style (Cernunnos style). Whatever makes you feel better is the best. In this place, you are one with the Cosmos. Take a few breaths. Quiet your thoughts, silence your mind, relax your body.


Step Two – making Energy Balls

In order to send the energy, you must first gather and concentrate on it. To start gathering the energy clap your hands 3-4 times and start rubbing them together horizontally and in a circular mode. Do that for two-three more times.

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Doing that you “Activate” the two (secondary) chakras who are located in the center of your palms. Now you are more able to feel the energy.

To do that, now keep your palms 2 inches away (the inner palms facing each other). You are now able to feel the pulse of the energy coming and going. Take a few minutes to feel it. Once you do you can repeat it instantly.


This is the Basic Technique. Now let’s spice it up with more magic.

Visualise all around a bright light which surrounds you. The color of it depends on what you want to do. (see below). With every breath, you inhale this light and you fill your body with this light.

The Light runs in your energy channels, pulses and illuminates all your body, soul and aura. You radiate color. Take a few seconds – minutes to feel that. Feel the bliss of the Light.

Now its time to direct it between the two palms. With each breath, you inhale the light and with each breath, you exhale the light from the energy centers of the palms. Repeat as needed in order to gather and concentrate as much energy as possible.


Step Three – Choosing the Right Colour

Choose from the list the right color for you depending on what you need.

  • White Colour – for every purpose, connecting with the divine.
  • Gold Colour – for every purpose with a more masculine touch
  • Silver Colour – for every purpose with a more feminine touch
  • Pink Colour –  for Love and Beauty and Healing
  • Green Colour – for Prosperity, Money, Beauty, and Healing
  • Red Colour – for (active) Protection, Sexual energy, Passion and
  • Purple Colour- for (passive) Protection, Astral energy, magic
  • Blue Colour – for (passive) Protection, peace, healing
  • Yellow Colour -for mental clarity, intellectual purposes and glamour
  • Orange Colour – for attraction and success


Replenishing your Energy is a very important Step!


Step Four – sending the Energy Balls

Now that the energy balls are created programme it. Just state clearly what you want to do with it. For example “ I send this red Energy Ball to my friend George to be protected by any attack”.

What if I told you that you can even use a photo to focus your mind. You can send the energy balls to the future “I send this yellow energy ball to myself when I’m writing exams in Physics tomorrow”.

More ideas? It’s possible to send it to your pet when you are away to feel your love “I send this pink energy ball to my dog to feel my love even though I’m far”.

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In fact, you can send these energy balls to the past to cure a past experience “I send this energy ball to the past when I broke my leg and I’m still afraid to skate”. I also love to send energy balls to the future for just in case I or anyone needs it. This is the path of the Lightworker.

Practice makes best of course.


Step Five – recharge your Energy

Activate your energy centers and grab two amethysts like the picture. Why amethyst? For it wide magical and healing properties of course! Be barefoot.

Stay like this for few minutes inhaling energy from your amethysts and exhaling through it like filters. Repeat. When you are done cleanse your crystals. Do not send energy balls when you are physically or emotionally sick.

You do not want to empty the remaining energy pool. Ask for help from your friends. Do not send energy to another person without his/her permission. Always ask first. Do no harm. Respect Free Will.


Source: magicalrecipesonline


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