If You Experience Any of These 15 Signs You Have Successfully Merged Your Darkness and Light

If You Experience Any of These 15 Signs You Have Successfully Merged Your Darkness and LightWe are made up of both light and darkness, this meaning we must maintain a balance of the two in order to achieve inner peace. We generally consider light and darkness as two opposites at war with one another, however, this is not accurate.

These two elements are not really competing with one another, they are just doing what they can in order to thrive and continue on in this world. Without both, we would not be able to maintain this life.

We are conditioned to make our own decisions between good and bad, love and hate, and so forth this gets in the way sometimes.

With some work, you can integrate these two energies into one. Light and darkness can come together but not if you are a victim with a perpetrator mindset.

You must be aware of the two energies and their importance above all else. We need to think of the negative things more positively and take into consideration why they are here. For example, when you are afraid, don’t jump into how bad the emotion is, appreciate what it is letting you know. Fear helps to protect us.

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If you think you may already be merging the two but need a little reassurance check out the list below. It can also help you to begin your merging as well if you take it seriously. Enjoy!


1. You get along with your partner.

2. All of your relationships have improved.

3. You no longer have an inflated ego.

4. You no longer feel like there is a point behind some of the things you used to want to do in this life.

5. You look for problems and solutions inside and not outside.

6. You are more kind and cooperative.

7. You are able to connect with people now, without imposing.

8. You see benevolence in everyone and everything without the need to highlight what is wrong in the world.

9. You no longer let confrontation rule your life.

10. You are okay with your darkness.

11. You are no longer as interested in movies and things of that nature.

12. You notice synchronicity more often now.

13. You appreciate nature more.

14. Your mind is connecting things differently now.

15. You forgive people much more easily now.


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