What Karmic Theme Are You Experiencing This Week?


“I saw that” Said Karma

Take a moment to center yourself, ask yourself the question – “What karmic theme will I be experiencing this week?”, select the card that resonates with you.


If you choose  Card number 1

Some people panic when there is chaos and life feels out of control and then there are those who welcome the change and embrace the obvious influence of a higher power rearranging their lives.

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These changes are occurring at this time because they are part of your journey and are divinely planted in your life to align you with your soul’s destiny.

Instead of panicking because things are out of your control, change your attitude and welcome these hidden blessings because these shifts are gifts and are for your highest and best good.



If you choose  Card number 2

A happy and joyful home life can be achieved by being realistic with our expectations of others.

By trying to not control others, we take the pressure off of them to behave and think in a way that may not be natural for them.

It’s time to take inner inventory of what your expectations of others may look like and be honest with yourself and ask yourself if these expectations are too much to ask of others.  


 If you choose Card number 3

We are all capable of creating magic in our own lives and that we came to this earth with the skill set, knowledge, and natural inclinations to be successful in our endeavors.

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If you do not like the direction you are going in, change it! He agrees with Glenda, The Good Witch,

“You had the power all along my dear.”





Source: awakeningpeople


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