Know Your STRONGEST GIFT As An EMPATH By Choosing A Circle Which Calls Out To You Most

Know-Your-STRONGEST-GIFT-As-An-EMPATH-By-Choosing-A-Circle-Which-Calls-Out-To-You-Most.jpgIt’s a common idea that an empath is a person who experiences what the others are going through. But then, in reality, an empath essentially understands why the person is going through that specific phase.

Nevertheless, an empath can differ from another empath in terms of sensing these experiences because each one of us has a different set of empathetic abilities.


Do you wonder which of these are you?

All you have to do is to take a look at the 6 circles below very closely and pinpoint the one you feel most connected to.  

The one you pick will help in determining the type of empath you are and direct you in using the most of this special gift you have. Are you ready?


If you chose #1: You are a Plant Empath

You were able to sense the needs of plants. You’re perhaps in some profession associated with nature like parks, sanctuaries, forests. You appreciate plants more than other people and know the right plant for a place.

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You can connect to trees and even get assistance from them. Spending your time sitting by trees gives you intuitions into your own life. The plants also need your guidance and care to live.


If you chose #2: You are an Animal Empath

Being an animal empath, you are capable of communicating with animals.

You have possibly studied animal physiology and are involved in a profession which requires you to take care of animals.

Try to consider training as an animal healer if you haven’t already, as it will help you make the most of your gift.


If you chose #3: You are an Intuitive Empath

You can pick up information about other people without even talking with them. As a Claircognizant or Intuitive Empath, you can effortlessly understand the main aim of the other person and read them with no trouble.

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With this capability, you have to surround yourself with people who are similar to you. It’s significant for you to fortify your own energetic field so that you don’t get drained by other people’s thoughts.


If you chose #4: You are Emotional Empath

This is one of the most common types of empaths. Being an emotional empath, you can pick up emotions of others and feel as if they are your own.

You feel happy when the other person is experiencing blissful emotion, you feel sorrowed by other’s sorrow.

It’s essential for you to understand and make a distinction between your own emotions from others. This will prevent you from getting drained and at the same time, you can help other people.


If you chose #5: You are a Geomantic Empath

A geomantic empathy, which is also known as an environmental empath is the one who can feel the energy of a specific place. The setting of a place can initiate emotions in you like joy, sorrow, and others alike. As an environmental empath, you’re drawn to history and geography of a certain place.

For you, the best method to recharge is to spend some time within nature. Cutting of trees or destroying the environment disturbs you. Join ecological projects if you can.

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A harmonious environment is important for you in order to have a serene day. You have an overall tendency to adorn your house with plants and pick natural colors and materials for your clothing and furniture.


If you chose #6: You are a Physical / Medical Empath

As a physical or medical empath, you pick up energies from other people’s bodies. You typically happen to be a healer and medical practice, conventional or alternative is your line of work.

There is a possibility that you will face health issues while absorbing symptoms from others. This is helpful for people with chronic diseases like fibromyalgia or other autoimmune diseases. Training in healing can help one apply the most of this capability.


Note; It’s not easy to be an empath. Nevertheless, if you can classify your type, you can help others and you can also make yourself stronger.



Source: themindsjournal



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