Living In India Taught Me These 7 Life Lessons On Happiness And Gratitude


Living in India changed and transformed the way I used to think about so many things.

It taught me things that I am so thankful for and the experience of living in India has been extremely humbling. Here are 7 deep lessons of life that I learned by living in India:


1. Happiness is not material:

This is one of the first things I learned there. I went with very fewer things to live in India but I found myself happy and comfortable and it is then that I realized that happiness is not about the material things that we possess.

Happiness is about the small experiences and moments that we live for and are blessed to experience. I hope I never forget this.


2. Happiness is not about money or a higher living standard:

When I saw the way people live in India; poor and without any medical care or big houses, I realized that no amount of money can give anyone happiness. Happiness cannot be quantified or equated with money at all.

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Neither the living standard can tell how happy the person is. Happiness is how you feel inside and I realized that they may be Indians don’t have a lot of money and privilege, yet they are a happy lot.


3. Being thankful:

Yes, when I was out there; outside my comfort zone, it made me realize that we need to be thankful for all the privilege and comfort that we are able to easily afford and get. Also, we learn so much when we are out of comfort zone.


4. A happy marriage is not about love only:

In India, there is a concept of arranged marriage. I found out that people are extremely happy even when love is arranged for them. This is because they realize the duty and morality that is associated with marriage.

They realize that marriage is about loyalty and promise and not only about love. I think it is amazing the way they bring their families and close ones into their marriage and abide by the marriages diligently.


5. Change is important:

When I went to India, I was leaving my life of comfort and luxury in Europe but I realized that change is extremely important. It is crucial to change because it is exactly in the moments when we change, that we find ourselves.

Change makes us better and it is totally needed in order to move on our spiritual journey.


6. Dreams come true one day:

I saw Indians believe in the importance of their dreams and I felt the positivity and the longing that they feel for small and simple dreams.

Seeing their dreams getting fulfilled, I realized that it is not bad to have dreams and it is certainly not bad to wish for something bigger than what you have because if you try hard enough, dreams do come true.


7. True friends enrich your life:

When I went to India, my whole social life came to a standstill. I wasn’t able to keep in touch with a lot of people from Europe and this made me realize that a lot of people whom I thought to be my best friends were just merely using me for their own benefits.

I realized the meaning of true friends and it made me feel that true friends are meant to make your life better and easier. I also made a few great friends from India.


Source: consciousreminder


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