The Moon is in а Lunar Pause – Key Point for The Start of This Year

Lunar pause means the time when the Moon has no active interaction with other planets. Then its impact is very weak and ineffective, although sometimes exactly Moon without a course leads to paradoxes and anomalies in our lives, provokes unexpected and unpredictable events.

This start on 25.01. 2016 and will continue until 26.01. In this period of lunar pause, everything related to the material sphere, develop slowly and with difficulty. Good to release at least a little oppressive and limiting the influence of matter and feel the flight of thought and spirit, because the rest of the time (when there is no Moon void of course) they are blocked in your subconscious (moon strongly influences the subconscious).

Spend time with yourself. Indulge in prayers and spiritual practices like yoga. The time is right for psychoanalysis, meditation or just relaxing (if that is possible, of course).

Now the mind is distracted. The thoughts are calm and in you is a sacred silence. So the voice of intuition is the strongest in this period. You can go deep in yourself, analyzing the feelings. You can make a contact with the universe and to get the answer to a very important question for you. The Lunar pause is a chance to rethink our life paths, but not by the mind, but by our soul.  This Moon without a course puts a pause to your mind- make the most.


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